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August 8, 2011

Watermelon Playdate

Last week I took DD to meet up with our friends for a watermelon playdate. We met up at a park and had all of the kids dress in red. Before we enjoyed the watermelons, the kids got to run around the park.
One of the moms bought paint with her and painted all of the kids' faces. Since it was a watermelon theme playdate, DD requested for a watermelon butterfly.

We ended the playdate by eating some juicy and super sweet watermelons that one of our mommy friends bought to share with everyone.
The kids enjoying their watermelons.
I know that DD looks the biggest, but she is not the oldest at the playdate. She just happens to be a very tall girl :).
Here I am with baby G and helping DD with her watermelon.
I love special theme playdates! They make getting together at the park even more fun and special. Although it does take a little bit more work, but I think that everyone enjoys it more too.


Karrieann said...

What a great theme! Looks like the kids had a great time... I know I would! MMMMMmmm watermelons!!!!! WET and JUICY!
Thank you for sharing your fun outing!

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