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June 17, 2011

My Laptop Came Home to Me!

My poor laptop was in the shop for the second time in less than a week. Following its first melt down, it was repaired and fully functional for a 1 whole day. *sigh* Then, it just plain died. It refused to turn on and so back to the repair guy it went. I was truly frustrated. When it refused to turn on, I really, really, really wanted to hammer it into pieces. Luckily, I was sane enough to pack up the laptop and sent it back to the repair guy. I was somewhat prepared for the worst. When my laptop broke down I realized that the only thing that was important on it was photos of my kids. Of course, like most of the people I know, I did not back anything up. The last time I backed up my files was 2 years ago, so, yeah.... I pretty much begged my repair guy to back up my files before he took my laptop apart to repair it because I did not want to lose 2 years of photos. He was able to back up my files somehow even though the laptop would not even turn on (don't ask me how he did it, I have no clue, I was just thankful he was able to).

My repair guy could not fix my laptop the second time around. He took my laptop to his repair guy. Seriously! I was shocked that my repair guy had a repair guy. I was both worried about my repair guy's skills (he is a computer tech who needs another computer tech to repair his stuff?!) as well as the possible demise of my laptop.

But, I got my laptop back! 2 trips to the repair guy and $320 later, my laptop is working again! I am not doing the happy dance because I don't want to jinx it. While $320 is a lot of money to spend, both my husband and the repair guy think that the laptop is worth fixing. Although it is more than 3 years old, it was top of the line when my husband purchased it for me. Even the repair guy thought that my laptop was nice and really fast. Plus, it is a pink laptop. My pink laptop!

So, I got my laptop back and I spent the day backing up my kids' photos. Of course, it would not have been the end of the world if the pictures were gone. While the pictures captured wonderful days we had with our kids, we have something that's even better than the photos -- Our Kids! You can't hug, kiss or love a photo for sure. But getting the photos back pretty awesome, I have to admit ;).

Thank you everyone for hanging in there with me. A big thank you to my husband for sharing his desktop PC with me. I know that he was not too happy with the fact that I was changing the layout, the format, sound and everything else on his PC, but he did not complain (much). Also, thank you to my repair guy and his repair guy for fixing my laptop. Even though I had to pay you $320 for the 2 repairs, I was super happy to get my laptop back in my hands. You were nice, but I hope that I will not have to see you ever again.

Yay to my laptop!


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