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May 16, 2011

First Water Fountain Playdate of 2011

It's getting pretty warm in Southern California. Definitely warm enough to take the kids out for some fun in the sun.

Bushra and I took the kids to the local mall where there is a water fountain for the kids to play. Appreantly, we were not the only moms we thought of that. The place was packed and the kids had so much fun playing in the water fountain.
Pizza was eaten following the exhausting acivity of running around and having fun.
The kids got cleaned up after a couple of hours of playing.

Then it was followed by ice cream. This is what happens when you take ice cream away from a toddler... not a good idea...
Sad girl, lol. Ok, I should not have laughed, but it WAS cute and sad at the same time.
Making goofy faces
Here's a few photos of baby G. At 11 weeks old, baby G is doing wonderfully well. I got really lucky with this little guy. It was tough to adjust to a newborn the first couple weeks after he came home from the hospital with us. However, once we were settled in, got adjusted to having a newborn in the house and he realized that he was here to stay, we noticed how different he is from when DD was an infant. Baby G almost never cries. Kid you not, almost never. He only cries when he is hungry, but that's after fussing in a complaining kind of way for a few minutes and only even his needs aren't met then will he start crying as though he needs the entire block know how unhappy he is. At 9 weeks old, baby G began to sleep through the night. He now sleeps from 10 PM to about 8 AM in the morning. I love that when he wakes up, he is not screaming and crying. Of course, he makes noises to let me know that he is awake. But, when I step into his room to pick him up from his crib, he typically just lays there playing with his hands. As soon as he sees me, he will offer me the biggest "Good Morning Mommy" smile. Most of his day is spent looking around, sleeping and just plain hanging out. Everyone who meets him comments on what a great baby he is. Did I mention that he almost never cries?!

Seriously, an awesome baby!
Seriously, I could raise and have 10 of these kind of babies in my house.
Seriously, I am such a lucky mommy.

Baby G, "I might have my daddy's hairline right now, but one day I shall have more hair than him!"


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