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April 11, 2011

Disneyland Tuesdays

It has been awhile since the last time I took DD to Disneyland. Last week, my friend Bushra and I decided to take the kids there. Wow, what a huge mistake that was, I am making a note to never visit Disneyland in April again. Because kids are on their spring breaks, so it was totally packed. All of the rides had super long waits. Bushra and I downloaded apps on our smart phones to locate the rides with the shortest waits and we did those rides instead. The first one we did was Monsters Inc, the wait was only 5 minutes long. This ride was also a short wait, but it also only lasted 2 minutes, lol.

The girls getting off the ride. They look so cute.

Jelly fish ride.
Ferris wheel ride.

Bushra and her little girl on Grizzly River Run.

Me and DD on the Grizzly River Run. The girls might look happy here, but just you know, as soon as the ride started going down stream, both of them were crying because they did not want to get wet. Bushra's little girl wanted off the ride asap. However, once we were off the rides, the girls changed their minds and decided that they like the ride -- as long as they don't get wet again.

The last ride we were on before leaving was Space Mountain. DD laughed and giggled on the ride the entire time. She declared that it was the best ride ever!

I am glad that we were able to have a fun day at Disneyland. With the arrival of baby G, DD is not getting as much attention as she likes, so we were due for some mommy & daughter quality time.


The Leader said...

You know...LOL...what's sad is that I'm 25 years old and I have NEVER been to Disneyland. :) I'm SO jealous of your DD!!!!

Unknown said...

Aww. Sounds like a great time. I would love to go there!

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