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October 18, 2010

Playdates Photos

We attended a couple of playdates last week and I took some photos of the kids. The first one we went to was a Halloween craft playdate at the park. I did not get a pictures of all of the kids doing their crafts because they worked on their crafts in waves instead all together at once. I only managed to get a photo of Avery working on her Halloween picture frame. The kids hanging out after crafts.
They kids crafted, ate and played at the park.
Lunch time for DD.
Later in the week, we met up with other moms for a lunch playdate. We had lunch and then got cupcakes to share with the kids. The kids spent a lot of time running around the water fountain. At the end of the playdate, they got so tired that they all decided to sit in one sofa, it was really cute.


curlie girlie said...

So cute! Looks like they had fun!

Anonymous said...

adorable! How fun for the kiddos!!

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