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September 5, 2010

Micralite Fastfold Superlite Stroller Review

Earlier this year, I reviewed the Micralite Toro Stroller & Rider. I absolutely love my Micralite Toro Stroller & Rider, so when I was given the chance to review the Micralite Fastfold Superlite Stroller, I could not wait to check it out in person and see how it's different from the Toro stroller.

One of the first things I noticed about the Micralite Fastfold Superlite Stroller is how light it is. At only 14 lbs (holds child up to 55 lbs), it has the weight of a light stroller but has the maneuverability of what Micralite Toro stroller is known for. Although it only weights 5 lbs less than the toro stroller, it makes a huge difference for a person like me. You see, being pregnant at this time, I am already carrying extra weight on me, I want to lift as little weight as possible. The Fastfold Superlite is light enough for me to lift out and put in the trunk of my minivan very easily. Another reason why the Fastfold Superlite is awsome is that it is great for traveling. Imagine me going through the airport carrying tons of stuff my family needs in my carry on luggage and backpack as well as pushing the stroller, sounds no fun right? Why would I want to push around a heavy stroller when I am already carrying so much stuff. I know, you are wondering what my husband is doing? Well, typically he is walking right behind me pushing luggage too. Traveling with kids is not easy, so you want to carry as little weight as possible and the Micralite Fastfold Superlite Stroller is just right for that.

Now, one might argue that I could just get an umbrella stroller for traveling. How you travel internationally with an umbrella stroller? I had and I have to say that it is not a good option. Have you tried to hang things off your umbrella stroller only have it tip over as soon as your child gets out of it? Well, it has happened to me many times. You can't have anything heavy hanging off it and when you travel and shop a lot at your destination, it is totally inconvenient to not be able to hang stuff over your stroller. When we visit our family overseas, we always buy a lot of stuff to bring back to the US. My husband often joke that when it's just a giant shopping trip for me. Because I buy so much stuff, I like to hang them off the stroller and a traditional umbrella can not do that for me. With the Micralite Fastfold Superlite Stroller, I am unable to at least hang a couple of shopping bags as well as store a bag or two in the storage compartment under the stroller.

I don't know if many of you travel overseas, but having been to parts of Asia, I feel that many places are not stroller friendly (which often makes me wonder how moms are able to get around with their infants there). Don't get me start it on the subway system in Taiwan. There are some stations that don't have elevators so I ended up having to carrying the stroller up and down the stair cases. This is when having a light weight stroller like Fastfold Superlite comes in very handy. It is light enough for me that I don't feel like I am carrying a ton of bricks.

Although the subway system is kept very clean and when we visit the capital city (where my aunt and my cousins live), everything is relatively nice and clean, it's a totally different story when we visit my grandmother in rural Taiwan. After taking the bullet train there, we would take a 30 minutes taxi ride to get to where she lives. It is seriously out in the middle of no where. My aunt actually told me once that she felt like she was living in the twilight zone when she visited there, lol. Rural areas of Taiwan is not clean by any means and I know that DH always tried his best not to complain and tough it out during our stay there. But, I must admit that since I have been living in the US for so many years and have gotten to US standard of living, it is even hard for me to stay with my grandmother. We tried to make sure that DD washes her hands all of the time and I was constantly spraying sanitizer everywhere. In the past, I always dreaded having have to fold down the stroller and having it touching the dirty ground or mud. Micralite Fastfold Superlite Stroller has the same awesome feature that the Toro stroller has. It folds standing up. So, I never have to worry about the stroller I desperate try to keep clean from touching dirty grounds or floors or having to lean it against icky walls.

The shade on the Micralite Fastfold Superlite Stroller is a bit smaller than I would like but that does not take away from how fantastic the stroller is. It moves with such an ease that everyone who has pushed it commented how smooth it pushes and how nicely it moves. I also want to mention that the stroller does not recline-- which might be an issue for some of you. If you want a stroller that reclines, I would recommend getting the Micralite Toro stroller. I would say that the Micralite Fastfold Superlite Stroller is a luxury umbrella-style stroller. It has some of the features I LOVE about the Toro stroller, but it is lighter. If you want an awesome stroller for quick shopping trips or a one that can travel easily, I would definitally Micralite Fastfold Superlite Stroller. To buy your own Micralite stroller, please visit its website for retailers near you. The Toro stroller retails for $525 and the Fastfold Superlite stroller retails for $320.

*I received a free product (or products) for review purposes. I did not receive any form of compensation from the company. All opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway. My reviews are not always positive, but they are my personal and honest opinions. Other people's views and experiences with the product or products might be different from mine.


curlie girlie said...

This stroller seems awesome! I've never heard of Micralite...thanks for the great review!

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