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March 8, 2010

Let the Birthday Celebration begin! Party time!

Yesterday we went to DD's grandparents house for DD's birthday party (party 1 because there is 2 more birthday parties for her coming up, one with her preschool class and another will be hosted by us at the park). Grandma was nice enough to make lunch for everyone. Here's some photos of DD waiting for her lunch to be served.

After lunch, DD got her birthday cupcakes (DD's grandma picked them up for her).

Eating her cupcake and ice cream. Yummy!
The best part about having a birthday party is getting to open gifts. DD is an expert when it comes to opening gifts.
No assistance needed!
Everyone in DH's family pitched in and bought a much needed bike for DD. Here's DH trying to figure out how to put the bike together (because it did not come with instructions).
Apparently it takes 3 men to put together a bike for a preschooler.
Yes, it also takes 3 men to fill the tires with air. ROFL!
An hour and 3 men's hard work later, the bike was finally ready for DD to ride on.
Someone really, really, really LOVES her pink bike.


Tylerpants said...

What a great bike! She looked like she had an awesome birthday! =)

Stacey Thomas said...

Your daughter is adorable. She looks so happy with her new bike! You'll have a great summer with that!


Tiffany said...

She is such a cutie. I love that bike!

Kay | UPrinting said...

Awwwww DD is so adorable! Happy Birthday to her! I bet she will be a very gorgeous lady someday!

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