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March 26, 2010

Ecofriendly chopsticks

Everytime my bff Jessica goes to Taiwan or if she has family visiting, I always ask her or her famiy member to bring stuff I really want but can't find here. On my list of things were books (a series of Chinese books I have been reading and love), dried green mangos (nearly impossible to find them here), a cooking pot (I am soooo excited about this. It is not here yet. Jessica's husband will be bring it back from Taiwan for me in 2 weeks and I will write a post about it as soon as I have it in my possession) and my ecofriendly chopsticks!

So, today, I want to tell you all about my ecofriendly chopsticks! In Taiwan, a lot of people carry chopsticks in their purses, bags and on their keychains. There has been a huge push to be more environmentally friendly in the past few years. The last couple of time I visited, I discovered that most of the supermarkets will not give you plastic bags to hold your purchases. You can either bring your own bags or if you want plastic bags you have to pay for it. I think it is awesome because that has drastically reduced the number of plastic bags used. All of my friends and family members in Taiwan carry ecofriendly/ reusable bags in their purses and cars.

Another trend is that people in Taiwan are carrying their own chopsticks. Many places in Taiwan use bamboo chopsticks. Although these chopsticks are recyclable and bamboo products are highly sustainable, a lot of people prefer not producing any waste at all. Because so many people are carrying their own chopsticks, the technology for these products have advanced very quickly in just the last year. So, I heard about 3 fold chopsticks on the Chinese news and as soon as I found out Jessica was going back to Taiwan, I asked her to pick up a couple of pairs of me.

She found them and brought back my new stainless steel 3 fold chopsticks! Hooray! My chopsticks came in a little storage case that actually had a key chain around it so you can put it with your keys. But since I am just going to leave the case in my purse, I took the keychain part off. Anyhow, this is the case and the chopsticks before you fold it out.

This is what they really look like. You can even use the chopstick case as the rest.
Jessica told me that since this is a brand new concept and invention (3 fold chopsticks), I might encounter problems with them. I tried them out and so far so good. I am looking forward to seeing what the next version of ecofriendly chopsticks are going to be like. Maybe 4 folds?


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