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March 20, 2010

DD Birthday Party at Preschool & Jackson's Birthday Party

Earlier this week, DD had her birthday celebration at the preschool. I wish I had more photos, but my old camera was on its last leg. And, well... it was not working properly, so I was only able to take a couple of photos. After negotiating with DH (on the the price range that would be acceptable for our budget), I ended up picking up a new camera because I needed a new one pretty badly. My new camera arrived yesterday but I am not used to using it yet :(. In any case, these photos were taken with my old failing camera.

Here's DD during morning chapel time. She received her birthday crown in front of the entire preschool. All of her preschool friends singing happy birthday to her.
As a special treat, she got to hold the flag. She loved that!
This morning, we went to Jackson's Birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. DD did a lot of running around and she had a wonderful time.
They had a horse ride there that was a huge hit with the kids.
Jackson (DD's preschool friend) turned 4 today.
The best part of going to Chuck E Cheese is the rides!
We are going to another birthday party tomorrow.... I guess March is the month of birthday parties!

By the way, DH got to meet Jamie Lee Curtis in person this past Friday. Apparently, she (with her son) was touring the company DH works for and they stopped by his office to say hello. I, of course, immediately asked if he took a photo with her and asked if I could review her children's books for my blog. DH's response was, " What? I don't want to embarrass myself!" My reply was, "Fine, next time you meet a celebrity, just call me so I CAN embarrass myself because then at least then I can say that I have embarrassed myself in front of her!" :P


Lindsay said...

Aww! It looks like she is having so much fun! :)

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