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March 22, 2010

Beco Baby Carrier Review & $140 Butterfly 2 Baby Carrier Giveaway (ENDED)

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If you are a long time reader of my blog, you probably already noticed the Beco Baby Carrier banner on my site for the past month. I was the lucky recipient of a Beco Baby Carrier (and I think I might be the very first review blog to be reviewing this fantastic baby carrier and giving one away too). If you read parenting magazines, you might have already come across ads for this baby carrier. I don't know how many of you are familiar with the Butterfly 2 carrier from Beco Baby carrier, but I am very excited to share what I have learned about it with you.

As I have mentioned before, I have been trying this baby carrier for a month now and I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
I am not going to waste your time by telling you how many different ways you can wear this baby carrier because you can just look up the information on the Beco Baby Carrier website. Rather, I want to explain why the Beco Baby Carrier is my favorite!

If you have an infant, you probably have seen the recalls on baby slings and how some of them might pose dangers to your child and even cause death. I have recently learned that some mothers would put their newborns into slings before the babies have enough neck support to hold up their heads, and the infants ended up pressing their heads down, cutting off their airways. Because of the recent concerns about baby slings, I now prefer baby carriers.

Now, onto the important stuff, what's so special about Beco Baby Carrier? Seriously, it looks like any other baby carriers. Why should you spend a $140 on a baby carrier? Well, hopefully by the time you are done reading this post, you will be rushing out to buy one. Just so you know, I definitely did not get paid to write this review! I did, however, received the Beco Baby Carrier to test it out.

I have never compare products as a part of my review before, but I am going to do it for you mommies out there. I know that many moms have seen products that look very similar to Beco Baby Carrier (such as the Ergo Baby Carrier) and I want to explain why I and the moms in the mommy's group I belong to prefer the Beco Baby Carrier. (Please keep in mind that this is just my personal opinion, other people's views might be different from mine). I am also including the opinions of my mommy friends because I passed my Beco Baby Carrier around for other mommies with infants to try it out too.

First of all, if you are a larger woman, you might need to buy an extension strap for other baby carriers in order to wear it comfortably. I know several larger size moms who could not wear the ergo baby carrier but had no problems with the Beco Baby Carrier. Though I have to say that being an average size woman, I am able to wear all baby carriers without any problems.

Second, I LOVE, LOVE the inside panel of the Beco Baby Carrier-- which I have not seen on any other baby carriers before. The reason why I love it is because if you have an infant, the inside panel ensure the security of your baby. My friend who has tried other baby carriers before said that her baby fell out a baby carrier (falling out from the bottom) because there was no fabric panel on the inside to provide that extra security. And this is why I think the inside panel support is so awesome.

Third, I love the built in infant support. If you have an infant, you know how important it is to support his/her fragile head and neck. With some baby carriers, you can buy an infant insert for the head and neck support but I have to adjust the insert every time I put the baby in it (which can be pretty bothersome after awhile). With the built in infant insert on the Beco Baby carrier, it is always in the same place and you don't have to adjust it every time you put your baby in the carrier. Once your infant is strong and large enough, you can undo the Beco Baby infant support piece from the carrier and store it for your next baby.

Fourth, Comfort! The Beco Baby Carrier has thinner straps than the ergo baby carrier. Though both baby carriers are equally comfortable to wear, I found the Beco Baby Carrier straps to be less bulky.

Last but not least, Design! Ok, I know this is completely a personal preference, but I really love the Asian influenced fabric selections on the Beco Baby Carriers.

Everyone I know personally who have tried the Beco Baby Carrier have all agreed that it is fantastic and many of them mentioned that they will never buy anything other than a Beco Baby Carrier. And, no, they are not saying saying that because I am their friend and I am reviewing the Beco Baby Carrier ;). Between the moms in the mommy's group I belong to, we have tried at least 20 different baby slings and carriers, and we honestly love the Beco Baby Carrier. The company is releasing a new baby carrier this summer: Gemini carrier, and we can't wait to see what how it is different from the Butterfly 2 carrier.

To buy your own Beco Baby Carrier (and I highly recommend this product), please go to its website to make your purchase.

Many thanks to Jose of Beco Baby Carrier. He has generously offered 1 Beco Baby Carrier as a giveaway prize to one of my lucky readers (US residents only please).

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*I received a free product (or products) for review purposes. I did not receive any form of compensation from the company. All opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway. My reviews are not always positive, but they are my personal and honest opinions. Other people's views and experiences with the product or products might be different from mine.


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