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January 8, 2010

Kokopax Review

I recently had the pleasure of receiving the Kokopax baby carrier to review, and I just LOVE it!

This is what the Kokopax looks like in a standing position.

What I love about the Kokopax is that it is not your traditional baby carrier. Because the way that it is designed, it is completely comfortable to wear for outdoor events like hiking, trips to the zoo and camping. It is also great around the house. I had some moms from my mommies' group come over and I passed the Kokopax around for them to try, and the babies just love being in the Kokopax. One of my friends, whose son refused to be carried by other baby carriers on her back, actually loved the Kokopax so much that he stayed in the Kokopax for almost 2 hours while we cooked in the kitchen. Ok, you know that if my friend can carrying her son on her back for 2 hours while working in the kitchen with me you know that the Kokopax will totally work for long trips.
Another thing I like about it is that it is not too girly. The Kokopax is something that dads would be ok using-- since some of them do not like the idea of using a wrap or a sling to carry their babies. This is a products that both moms and dads can enjoy using.

To buy this amazing product, please go to Kokopax website to make your purchase. Besides the baby carrier, the company also carries diaper bags and hats.


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