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January 7, 2010

Disneyland & Park playdate

After being blocked out for 3 weeks, we were finally able to go to Disneyland with our Southern California Select annual passes. I am not sure why it was so busy there on a Tuesday. I mean, shouldn't people be back by work by now? Well, the line to enter the parking structure was so long and moving so slowly that I think I saw snails passing us, lol!

The long wait did not bother DD. She was all smiles because she knew she was going to Disneyland.
The wait for Nemo submarine ride was long, but she kept her eyes on the prize and did not mind the wait at all. (Anyone else thinks that it's crazy how a child can be patient while standing in line for 30 minutes for a 5-minute ride, but goes bananas when it takes me more than a minute to refill her sippy cup with milk?).
She got to meet the Fairy Godmother. The woman was really gentle and sweet, I would if that's how she is outside of work too.
She gave DD a huge hug before we left.
Mary Poppins. Need I say more?
And one of her favorite rides at Disneyland, The Haunted Mansion.
After a couple of rides, we stopped for lunch. She got to color, so she was content.
Today, DD had gymnastics in the morning, and then afterwards I took her to the park for a playdate.
Here's kaia.
DD and Kaia. I forget what a huge girl DD is. I mean, from this photo, you would think she is a couple years older than Kaia. Not so, she is only 10 months older than Kaia. People must be wondering how is it possible for a little Asian woman like me to have such a tall kid (unless they seen DH, then everything makes sense. He is 6'5").
I just got this cool toy (Skitter) to review. I took it to the park with us today and it was a huge hit. As soon as DD walked away, I had a stream of kids coming to play with it. Kids really love this toy! You want to learn more? Well, I will be writing a review and doing a giveaway --- so please keep an eye out for it. Seriously, kids LOVE this! Several moms had to pull their kids away from it.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to go to Disney every week!! I live to far away!

The Haunted Mansion in florida has nothing to do with Jack & Sally. I bet its a pretty cool ride!

We have this toy & everyone loves it!

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