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November 30, 2009

Park fun and hint on a giveaway to come

Yesterday, we took DD out for lunch. Here's DD enjoying her meal. Afterwards, we took DD to the park where DD played with her balance board. Here's DH helping her and he was totally cracking up.
DD getting a little better at it.
DD playing in the sand box.
DD going down the slide & still holding onto her toy boat.
It was a very relaxing Sunday afternoon. DD got to play and we had fun hanging out with her.
On Wedneday, I will be doing a giveaway on a toy DD played with at the park. Can you guess what is it?

November 26, 2009

Things I am Thankful for...

I am thankful for my beautiful little girl!
I am thankful for my awesome husband!
I am thankful for the yummy Thanksgiving meal!

I am thankful for family. I am thankful that I have a roof over my head. I am thankful that we are healthy. I am thankful for my wonderful friends. I am thankful for my husband's great job. I am thankful that we have everything we need and more!

November 25, 2009

Disneyland Tuesday & Park Playdate

I took DD to Disneyland yesterday. I thought that because it is Thanksgiving week, it would be pretty quiet. I was soooo wrong. I am not going to make this mistake again next year! It took me about 30 minutes just to park my car-- I think this was when I should have just turned around. Of course, since DD has been wanting to go on "Jack's ride" for weeks now, and has been asking for me to take her, I thought I would just suffer through it and get us there.

Jack's ride is the Hunted Mansion, DD just calls it that because of Jack from "Nightmare before Christmas." We waited for 20 minutes in line to go on the ride. DD was bored because we haven't waited this long for a ride for months now. Luckily, I packed some snacks for her to eat, so that kept her busy during the wait.

After the ride, we tried to grab lunch and we could not even find an empty table to sit at. I told DD that we will have to visit another day. The nice thing about having an annual pass is that we can spending 2 hours there and go home & it wouldn't be a complete waste. On our way out, DD saw the Queen from Snow White. She got to take a photo with the Queen so she was happy. I don't know why DD was making such a weird face. It made me laugh when I uploaded the photos though, I thought DD looked pretty wicked too. LOL!

Because we did not stay long at Disneyland, we were able to meet up with our friends at the park in the afternoon.

The kids made Thanksgiving hats out of paper.

We love crafts!

More glue, more glue, and more glue.

November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving park playdate

My friend Jessica's son does not have school this week but she's teaching, so I am baby sitting him for a few days. Jessica dropped him off yesterday morning before she went off to work. And I took both kids to the park to meet up with my other mommy's group.

DD having fun trying everything out at the park.

After some running around, DD got to make a Turkey (thanks to Jilleen for bring the supplies).

Look at all of the moms and kids doing their crafts.

Finishing up her turkey.

In the end, DD lost interest, so I finished it for her.

She would rather play with her friend than finishing her craft project.

This picture was taken just a couple of minutes before she fell.

I don't know why my child is so fascinated by pine cones. Anyhow, she found one at the park and was running around with it in her hand. I warned her that it was not safe and asked her to toss it out. She refused and only a few minutes later, she fell with it in her hand. She tried to stop the fall with her hands but because she was holding the pine cone, she got hurt pretty bad. The pine cone got pushed into her hand. She now has a hole in her hand with lots of skin missing. Luckily, I always have a first aid kit in my car, so I was able to clean up her hand and wrap in bandage. Poor baby!

November 21, 2009

Crafty Saturday

What a crafty day we had today! In the morning, we took DD to Lowe's for it Build & Grow event.

DH helped DD with her craft.
Showing off her creation!
So proud of herself.
Can you tell how much DD enjoys going to Lowe's with her daddy?!
They are so adorable!
In the afternoon, while I worked on the Chirstmas stockings, DD spent what seemed like hours playing with her play dough in the backyard.
After we were done playing and sewing, DD and I took a nap. Then around dinner time, I went to Debra's house for more craft time (while DD and DH spent quality time together at home).
Here's a photo of the girls having fun making greeting cards.
We also made gift boxes.
Angela showing off the card she made. She made a bunch of things that impressed all of the moms at the table. She is so creative!
While I was there, I showed the moms a dress I got today from a company who will be doing a giveaway on my blog. The moms thought that the dress was super cute. I can't wait to blog about the giveaway... Stay tuned because I will be talking all about it tomorrow!

November 20, 2009

Gymnastics & Pirate Playdate

I took DD to her gymnastics class and I took a couple of photos to share ^_^. Her coach spoke to me after class to let me know how well DD is doing. I was so happy to hear that she's having fun in her class and improving as well.

This week, we also met up with some moms & kids at the park for a pirate playdate. I picked up some pirate related crafts for the kids to work on & Debra buried some treasures in the sand for the kids to dig out.
The girls were so cute pushing the swings.
After running around at the park, the kids sat down for some pirate crafts.
Debra helping her little girl, Kia.
Here's Nichelle and her daughter.
DD showing off the crafts she made.
Even baby Mikey wants to be a pirate.

November 19, 2009

Kimochis Review and Giveaway (ENDED)

Because I did not hear back from the first winner, so a new winner has been selected. The new winner is comment #46!

When I first heard about Kimochis, I was immediately drawn to it because of its company name. As I have mentioned before, I grew up in rural Taiwan with my grandparents. What most of you do not know is that my grandfather grew up when Taiwan was occupied by Japan. Under the rule of the Japanese government, Taiwanese children were forced to learn Japanese in school and not allowed to speak their own native language. Because of that, my grandfather spoke Japanese fluently, and when I was growing up, he taught me many Japanese phases as well as children's songs in Japanese. I know that living during a time when Taiwan was occupied by Japan was hard for him, but I have wonderful memories of my grandfather singing to me in Japanese from when I was a toddler. One of the songs my grandfather sang to me had the phase "kimochi" in it. My grandfather loved using the phase and would often use the Japanese phase instead saying feelings in Chinese. As such, when I saw the name of the company, wonderful memories of my now deceased grandfather came rushing back to me. In any case, Kimochis sent DD an adorable Kimochi Kitty to review. I thought the cat looked really cute on the website, but it was even more lovable in person.

When I opened the package, DD took it out immediately and claimed it as her own. She has been sleeping with her new kitty for a few days now and she totally loves it. She loves taking the "feelings" in and out of her kitty. When her kitty is not "happy," she puts interesting things like plastic spoons and fake play food in the kitty's front pocket. LOL!

DD hiding behind her kitty. LOL!

I have been working with DD using her Kimochis kitty to show her how to express her feeling properly. We use the "different feelings" that came with it ( see company photo above) to talk about how the kitty feels when different things happen to it and how she should react to different situations-- you know, basically showing and talking about her feelings instead of having a complete melt-down. We really enjoy the Kimochi doll so far and I definitely think that this is a wonderful tool to get your child to express their emotions.

Besides the fact that the doll is a wonderful tool to use in educating your child about what they are feeling and how to express their feelings properly, the doll we received was increibly well made. At $25 each, I was really pleasantly surprised by the workmenship and the quality of it. Even if you only use this as a normal doll, I think $25 is a very reasonable for what you get.

Now that you have heard all of these great things about DD's new toy, I know you want to try one too. You can either head over to Kimochis' store to pick one up.

Kimochis has also generous offered a special giveaway prize for one of my readers. That's right, you can win your own Kimochis doll for your child! (US residences only)

How to Enter:

1.) Visit Kimochis website and tell me which doll is your favorite & how you would use the doll with your child.

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Happy Birthday Erik!

I took DD to Nancy's house for Erik's birthday party! I can hardly believe it, I remember when I first met Nancy, she was still pregnant with Erik and he is turning 3 how. How crazy is that?! Time should went by fast. As usual, Nancy went all out for Erik's birthday. Besides the yummy lunch and cake that was served to all of birthday party guests, she also got a huge ( and I do mean huge) bounce house for the kids to play in.

The kids naturally thought that the bounce house was awesome! Just look at DD's huge smile as she comes down the slide!
Between jumping up & down inside the bounce house and playing with the bounce house slide, the kids also enjoyed their time on the swings.

Here's the birthday boy with his mommy & grandpa.

A lot of people went to Nancy's house to help celebrate Erik's big day.

The kids patiently waiting for their cakes.

DD wondering when her cake was going to show up. I have to say that she was very good at waiting for her turn though :).

When we left the party, Nancy gave each kid a goody bag as well as a ballon. The kids love the ballons. Here's DD playing with Mason and the ballons.

We had a wonderful time at the party. Happy Birthday, Erik!