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March 1, 2014

Give new life to a piece of old furniture

I am slowly changing out DD's bedroom furnitures because I feel that she needs ones that really reflect her age and current needs. A few months ago, I got rid of her toy box/ pink sofa and replaced it with a dresser. Today, we said good-bye to her Barbie dream house, and moved this little beauty into her bedroom where the doll house used to be.

My friend Jahana was getting rid of this DVD case. I picked it up from her for $15. Initially, I was planning it refinishing it for the kids' play room -- for their ever growing DVD collection, if you have seen how many DVDs we review, you will understand why, lol.

But, after I refinished it, I decided to move it to DD's bedroom instead. Although she is only a second grader, she is reading at the 5th grade level. She is half way through the Chronicals of  Narnia series. Because she is such an avid reader, we have been buying her a lot of used book. Her bookshelves are filled with books, so this refinished DVD case is great for more books. Furthermore, it is the perfect height for the space under her bunk bed.
To refinished the DVD case, I simply took all of the hardware off. I used chalk paint to paint all of the pieces 3 times. You could use Ann Sloan Chalk Paint. I made my own chalk paint using some recipes I found online (google recipes for homemade chalk paint and you will find what you need). After the paint is dried, I wax- sealed the paint before putting the hardware back on.
$15 and a couple of hours of work later, DD has a new little book case in her room. Hooray!


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