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December 8, 2013

Christmas Fabric Ball Ornament Craft

I make Christmas ornaments with DD every year and this year is no exception. Normally she just makes a couple of them for our Christmas tree, but I thought it would be good for her to make some for her teachers and friends this year too.

3" styrofoam balls
Floral pins
To begin, I cut up a piece of twine and wrap it around the styrofoam ball to mark my lines using a marker. Wrap around 4 times to make 8 lines total.
This is what the styrofoam ball looks like after I marked all of the lines.
Then, I used a knife to cut the lines just a bit
I also cut 8 pieces of fabric. Each piece is about 1 inch wider than the each slot you want to tug the fabric in at.
This process is so easy that even my 7 year old daughter was able to do it. I handed her a butter knife and had her tug in each piece of fabric one at a time.
After all of the fabric pieces are tugged in, I tied a twine to a floral pin and pushed the pin into the styrofoam ball. 
This is what it looks like on our Christmas tree.
DD made 5 fabric ball ornaments in about an hour. It was an easy enough craft so that minimal amount of assistance was needed from me. She was very happy with the ornaments she made.

I hope you will enjoy this craft as much as my daughter did :).  Happy crafting!


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