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November 13, 2013

DIY Dining Set Refinshing Project

Someone from one of the Facebook resell groups I belonged to was selling a dining set. This was the picture posted. The person wanted $30 for it. 
To be honest, I could not really tell what condition the dining set was in. I sent a text to the owner and I was told that the set was in good, used condition. I was drawn to it because this is from the Ethan Allen Farmhouse collection. With a retail value close to $3000, I knew that $30 was a great bargain. I also had the full intention of refinishing the set anyhow.

I picked up the set and I was horrified by what I saw. The apartment I went to looked like a scene straight from the TV show "Hoarders". The place was packed with trash, and the carpet was gray (but I could tell it was once light brown). I took a quick glance at the dining set and decided to purchase it. The man helped me load  the pieces into the back of my minivan.

Upon arriving home, my husband was not at all please by what he saw. He pointed out all of the things that were wrong with it.  Upon a closer inspection of the chairs and table, I had to agree that I should have asked man to lower the price even further.
This is just an example of what the chair legs look like. Clearly, the previous owner had a dog who used the chairs as chew toys.
The tops of the chairs were covered with paint, permanent marker doodles and caked on food stains.
This was the table. It might not look bad in the photo, but it was just as disgusting as the chairs. When I sanded the table down, I could not believe what I saw. I stripped a layer of orange dirt to see a layer of icky yellowing white paint before I got to the bare pine wood.

The first thing I did take the table apart. I sanded the table top down to its bare pine wood. I used a tack cloth to remove all of the dirt before putting on two coats of dark stain on it.
For the legs of the table (as well as the 4 chairs), I sanded the pieces, removed dust with tack cloth, painted each piece with a coat of primer paint, and then I painted 2 coats of white paint on it. The leg on the left was what it looked like and the right was the finished product.
Our new kitchen dining set! After sanding and repainting all of the pieces, I wax sealed the set before moving it to our kitchen.
Elbow grease + tack cloth + paint + wax seal + $30 = Our newly refinished kitchen dining set!
Happy crafting!


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