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October 17, 2013

Trick or Treat Bucket Craft

Right after last year's Halloween, my husband asked what our daughter would like to be for Halloween. She told him that she would like to be Medusa. My husband commented that it was a great idea and that he would even make her costume for her this year. With his busy work schedule, he just could not make it happen. We ended up buying her a costume. Although she loves her costume, I decided to make a trick or treat bucket to go with the theme. I figure that this should make up for her daddy not being able to make her costume this year. I know it's not the same thing, but every little bit helps, right?!

*1 bucket (I am recycling a bucket that the kids' Cheetos came in).
* 1/4 yard of fabric
* 1 spool of ribbon
* 1 pack of snakes (optional).
* Glue gun & glue sticks

To begin, I simply cut and glue fabrics onto the bucket so that the entire bucket is covered. I used the ribbons to create decorative borders on the bucket. 1/4 yard of the fabric I choose was enough to cover the entire bucket inside and out. However, you probably will not use all of the fabric if you decided not glue the fabric on the inside and bottom of the bucket.
With the scraps of fabric left over, I used them to cover the bucket handle. After the entire bucket is covered with the fabric, I glued on all the snakes -- all 60 of them. I even glued them onto the handle of the bucket.
I love that instead of spending money to buy a generic bucket from the store, I am able to customized one for my daughter. I used coupons for the ribbon and fabric, so I ended up spending roughly $4 for them. The snakes were $7. They were not cheap, but since I knew that I could just peel them off after Halloween and my little guy could play with them, I did not feel too bad about spending the money on the snakes.

My son loves the snake bucket I made for his big sister. We haven't decided what he is going to be for Halloween yet, but I am thinking that I might just have to make him a matching Trick or Treat bucket as well.

Happy Crafting!


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