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October 9, 2013

Customized Soap Dispenser Craft

With the holiday season approaching quickly, I definitely have gift giving on my mind. With some many people on our list, it's simply not within our means to purchase gifts for everyone. In the past, we have made gifts for our neighbors, friends and teachers; this year is no different.

I will be making holiday treats in the month of December, but I thought customized soap dispensers will be great as little hostess gifts or just a way to say "Thank you" to my amazing friends in November.

*1 bottle of hand soap. You could get them at drug stores, supermarkets for about a dollar when they are on sale.
* Goo Gone
* 1 sheet of transparency paper
* Ruler
* Scissors
* 1 long stick of any sort. BBQ skewer works if you have one around. I did not have one, so I used a chopstick.
* Ribbons

First, peel off the labels on your soap dispenser. Use Goo Gone to remove the glue residue. Then wash the grease from the Goo Gone off with a little bit of soap.

Second, take your sheet of transparency paper and print out the sayings you would like to use. I am giving these soap dispenses to DD's favorite neighbor (who happens to the wife of a pastor from a mega church) and her teachers. As such, scriptures were prefect for these. However, you could personalized these to your occasion and preference. You could print out your last names, your favorite saying or words of encouragement, or a simple statement of "Wash Your Hands" for your child's bathroom. The possibilities are endless. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the transparency paper needs to be about 2.5" x 4"  when you cut it to insert into the soap dispenser.

Third, once you have your phase/scripture cut to the size you need, you are going to roll it up and insert it into the soap dispenser. Then unroll it and push the transparency to the front of  the soap dispenser using a stick. 

Fourth, re-insert the pump, but make sure the pump is in the back of the transparency paper.
Finally, tie some ribbons to the soap dispenser for gift giving.
Happy crafting! 


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