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July 5, 2013

Menu Chalk Board Craft

To create this craft you will need the following supplies:
* cookie sheet
* sandpaper
* high temperature glue gun
* 2" wooden disc
* chalk board spray paint
* The letters "M" "E" "N" "U" printed out on card-stock paper
* 1 roll of 5/8" grosgrain ribbon
* chalk
* fork & knife or whatever decorative pieces you would like on your chalk board.
* white glue
* small paint brush
* 1 paint pen 

The first thing you want to do is spray paint the cookie sheet with chalk board paint. Follow the instruction on the can and be sure to cover the sides with tape.

After the paint is dried, I primed the chalk board by covering the entire thing with chalk and then wiped it clean.
While my board is drying, I used a paint brush to applied white glue onto my wooden discs to glue the letters on top. I also applied glue on top of the letters to give them that finished look.
As I waited for the letters to dry, I used sandpaper to sand the sides of the cookie sheet in order to ensure that the ribbon will adhere it. I then hot glued the ribbon to the sides of the cookie sheet. I only did a couple of inches at a time because the glue dries very quickly. 
After I was done with the ribbons, I hot glued the letters and my decorative pieces to the cookie sheet. Just liked before, I used sandpaper to sand the places where I planned to apply the hot glue.
With a paint pen, I wrote out the days of the week. Since I don't really cook on the weekends, I only wrote out Monday through Friday. Lastly, I glued a piece of ribbon to the back of the cookie sheet in order to hang up the chalk board onto my kitchen wall.
All of the supplies (except for the cookie sheet and the bamboo knife & fork) could be purchased at any craft store. I picked up my supplies from Michael's.

The length of ribbon you need depends on how large your cookie sheet is. I recommend just buying a roll because you will need the extra ribbon to hang up the cookie sheet. You can estimate roughly how much you need by wrapping the ribbon around the cookie sheet before you start to hot glue it down.1 roll of ribbon was more than enough for me to cover the sides of 2 cookie sheets.

Acrylic paint works as well as paint pen so to save money you could use acrylic paint and write/draw the days of the weeks on the chalk board that way, but to save time I chose a paint pen instead.

Although you could use whatever ribbons you like, I recommend grosgrain. I have found that it works better for this project than other types of ribbons.

Happy crafting !!!


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