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July 10, 2013

Chicken Wire Frame Craft

I am in the process of redoing my daughter's bedroom. Since she is getting older and outgrowing the "baby" stuff she used to like, I want to make her room look more grown. I took down her cupcake hair clip board and made a couple of chicken wire frames for her accessories. This is a simple and inexpensive craft project that perfect for the shabby chic look we are going for. 

The supplies you need are:
*picture frames
*chicken wire
*wire cutter 
*staple gun
You could use any old frames you have around the house. I found a set of 5 frames at Michael's on clearance for $15, so I used them for my project. The chicken wire was picked up at Home Depot for around $8.

You will need to unroll your chicken wire and cut it to size using a wire cutter. When you are unrolling, make sure you use gloves and unroll carefully. You want to cut the chicken wire bigger than the opening because you will need to staple it to the frame. I flipped the frame over on top of a towel to make sure that I don't damage the frame while I am stapling or hammering it.
After I stapled the chicken wire to the frame, I used a hammer to make sure that the staples are all the way into the frame.
I then used some tape to cover up the ends of the chicken wire. This is an optional step. I decided to do it so that if the frame falls, my daughter will not cut her fingers on the wires while trying to pick it up. I also did not want the wires to scratch the walls.
All done! It was that easy.
There are many uses for these chicken wire frames. Since I had a set of 5 frames, I stapled chicken wire to all of them. One of them is up on the kitchen wall being used as coupon holder.
One of DD's frames for her hair clips, but we are also using it as a decoration to display some of her favorite hair accessories.
I hung another one up in my closet for my earrings.
Here's the larger frame for all of her little clips.

Happy crafting !!!


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