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June 14, 2013

May Photos

May was a busy month for us. I honestly though that since DD only has 2.5 weeks of school left in June, we would be able to slow down. But, that has not been the case. I wanted to update with our May photos the first week of June, clearly that did not happen. I am starting to suspect that I will have to wait until the kids are in college to take a breakfast and not be on the go every weekend, lol.

In May, we celebrated Mother's Day. I spent a nice, relaxing day with with the family. I think that might have been the only relaxing day I had the entire month. 
Early in the month, I did another 5K Color Run with friends. It was great!
My friend Sarah and I loved doing the Color Run together. We plan on doing a Mud Run in the near future.
Heading home after the Color Run. Check out those smiles. We had a blast!
Because it was getting warmer, we started using the pool regularly. As a matter of fact, DD and the G man both started swimming lessons in May.
DD's friend Vanna & my friend Irene came to visit us for a day. I took this photo as we were heading out to breakfast because I thought it was so funny that all of the kids were playing on their tablets. 
The G man and Vanna hanging out in the pool.
The girls watching a movie while the G man napped. He got really sleepy after all  the fun he had playing in the pool.
Of course, like the previous months, we also took advantage of our Disneyland passes and visited there a few times.

One of the biggest thing that happened in May was DD's choir group performed on stage. Here's DD before the performance.
Me and my best friend Jessica waiting for our girls to perform -- our girls are in the same choir group.
Me and the princess after the performance.
In addition to choir, DD was also busy with her Girl Scout group.
Decorating cookies at the local bakery. Who knew being in a Girl Scout would be so much fun?!
Like I mentioned before, the weather has been really nice. So we had friends over for a BBQ. We had such a great time that we decided that we are going to do this regularly.
Our girls hanging out together while the adults enjoyed themselves.
The boys kept themselves entertained too. 
Let's not forget DD has Chinese school every Sunday. Here's she is with her best friend (Erica) in her Chinese class.
Just another meal with my best friend Jessica's family. I love that our kids are best friends too :).
Finally, I ended the month by hanging out with some friends. My friend Aimee put together a beautiful tea party. Seriously, check out how amazing everything looked!
Tea party time!
Wooohooo! Time is flying by so quickly, I guess that's especially true when you are having fun ;). DD is almost out of school and I am looking forward to doing fun things with her all summer long. I know that the G man is going to enjoy having her home more often too!


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