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June 17, 2013

Eye Health is Important!

I wrote this review while participating in an influencer campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of HealthyWomen and VISTAKON® Division of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. and received a promotional item from Mom Central to thank me for taking the time to participate.

We are very concerned about the health of our eyes! We didn't always feel this strongly, but a couple of things happened that really affected our view of it. First of all, my father-in-law discovered that he has glaucoma a few years ago which ended up causing blindness in both of his eyes. Because it is a rare genetic disorder, my husband and my kids never skip their annual check ups. Second, due to being over exposed to UV rays,  I have pterygium in one of my eyes. Currently, it is not affecting my vision so I am making sure that the growth doesn't worsen by always wear sunglasses outdoors.

Direct sunlight is very dangerous to the eyes, so we do everything we can to protect them. Although it is great to wear sunglasses, there are some tip I learned from the HealthyWomen.org Eye Health Center that I thought were really helpful. When selecting sunglasses, make sure you choose dark lenses. You should choose sunglasses with lenses big enough to cover your eyes to prevent as much light entering your eyes as possible. Also, make sure that you pick sunglasses that block out at least 99% of the UV rays. Personally, I wear my prescription sunglasses whenever I am out to protect my eyes. However, if you wear contact lenses instead, be sure to pick up contact lenses with UV protection.

My husband switches between sunglasses and contact lenses. Sometimes my husband would wear contact lenses to make things easier for himself. For instance, whenever it is raining out, he finds wear glasses is just a huge hassle because they get wet and that makes it difficult for him to see. As such, on those days he would wear contact lenses. Did you  know that only 2 percent of contact lens wearers follow all of the rules for safe use? Because my husband is very good at listening and following rules, he is great at doing exactly what he told to do when it comes to caring for his contact lenses. However, his contact lenses do not have UV protection. On the days he wears contact lenses, he would wear regular sunglasses only when he is in the car driving somewhere. It would be much better if he had just gotten contact lenses with UV protection in them so that his eyes will always be protected.

If you have young children in the house, please make sure that their eyes are also well protected from the UV rays. It is much harder for me to make sure my little toddler keeps his sunglasses on because he does not like to wear them. But I have founded that wear sunglasses with a band to keep it in place on his head makes it harder for him to remove it. I also discovered that if DD is wearing sunglasses, it is easier for me to get the G man to wear them because he wants copy every thing that his big sister does. The health of your children's eyes is just important as yours, so while you are taking care of your eyes, don't forget about the rest of your family's too. To learn more about how to protect your eyes from the sun or how to properly wear and care for your contact lenses, please visit the  Eye Health Center.


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