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April 15, 2013

State Farm Neighborhood Assist: Vote Now!

Growing up in this world of ever changing technology, it's easy to lose grasp of the things that are fundamentally essential to the connections and bonds between people. It seems that more and more adults and kids are spending time indoors on their computers, tablets, or laptops with their virtual communities than the communities that's just outside of their front doors. I grew up in rural Taiwan, where everything seemed much simpler back then. On a daily basis, the adults would hang out while the kids played together. There was a very strong sense of community in the little farming town I was raised. Unfortunately, my kids would not be able to experience the same thing; so I am doing everything I could to make sure my kids have a real sense of the community they belong to.

Because I have two young children, I am very concerned about the education, safety and various services that our community offers. I want to make sure that the schools my kids attend have excellent teachers who love their jobs, I want to know that my kids are safe and that there is little to no crimes occurring in our community. I also want our family to be able to enjoy the many services our community offers like the local farmers market, the public parks and the holiday events at the local community center. We are incredible lucky that we live in a city with a very strong sense of community. We receive monthly newsletters that inform us all of the upcoming activities that we could participate in.

My family definitely loves the community we live in, but there are some minor changes we would love to see. For instance, although we love all of the parks in our city, we would like to see more covered play structures so that the kids could continue to enjoy the park in the summer (when it gets really hot out). We would also like to see bathrooms in some of these parks. It's just inconvenient when parents take their kids to the parks and they could not find a bathroom to use so that playdates need to cut short because of it. Are there areas of your community you would like to see improved as well? State Farm Neighborhood Assist wants to grant 40 winners $25,000 each to make their communities better places to live.

Please take a moment and cast your vote for a favorite State Farm Neighborhood Assist program via the Facebook tab. You could vote 10 times per day for any combinations of causes. You might not think this affects you personally, but I highly recommend checking out the 200 causes up for vote. You might see a particular cause that's close to your heart. You might even see a cause right in your neighborhood. While you are voting, you could also brain storm ideas to submit to bring changes in your own community next year.

This a short video of one of the 2012 grant winner.

Our community is where we raise our kids, where we live and build our lives together. It is important to invest in it so that our children could thrive in a place we feel good calling our home. There are areas of the community we want to improve on and State Farm Neighborhood Assist is offering a helping hand to 40 different causes this year. The company would love for you to a part of that decision making process, you get to help decide which ones should receive the grants. Please take a moment to cast your vote!

*I wrote this review while participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of State Farm and I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.


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