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April 4, 2013

March Photos

Sorry if it seems like I have been MIA lately. I know that I say this every month, but boy, March has been a crazy busy month for us!

Beginning of March, we celebrated DD's birthday. We had a birthday party for her and the G man the end of February, but we continued the celebration on her official birthday.

I made Oreo cupcakes for DD's class. Each cupcake was topped with a giant gum ball.

We took her to her favorite Thai restaurant for dinner. Then we came home for her favorite black forest cake from the Chinese bakery.  
Her birthday gift was a Kindle Fire HD. She was completely thrilled. For a little girl who studied so hard, she really deserved it.
In the middle of March, we met up with friends at the park.
While the kids played, the mommies made resurrection eggs for Easter.
This month, DD's school put on a huge performance at the local church. Each grade level talked about the different charity and community outreach service they performed. It brought me to tears.
 After the show, we took the kids out to dinner.
After a month of selling cookies, DD and her friends were rewarded with a party at Build-A-Bear. Each girl got her own Chocolate Mint Bear with Brownie uniform.
The party did not end there; with their bears, the girls also got treated for lunch and ice cream at Farrell's.
At home, the kids did a lot of drawing. The G man started wanting to sit next to his big sister and color with her. His attention span is much shorter though. He could only sit for about 5 minutes at a time,
Since DD does not get to go Disneyland as often as G does, I surprised her by taking the kids there on a school night. She was super excited.
DD and G checking out the castle.

Just for fun, we had a tea party for the kids.

Sometimes we pack a lot of events in one day for the kids. On a Saturday morning, DD's friend Savannah came to visit for the day. We spent most of the day hanging out and shopping. 
Later that same afternoon, DD went to her little friend Bri's birthday party.
That same Saturday evening, DD helped her friend Amy celebrate her birthday too.
While we were Pump It Up for two birthday parties in a row, G discovered the hockey table for the first time. He was not very good at it, but he was having so much fun losing, lol.
The following day, we celebrated James turning 12 at Boomers.
James, being the sweet boy he is, gave all of his tickets to the DD and her best friend Mei-mei so that they could redeem the tickets for some toys.
Just before school got out for Spring break, G got to join his sister for a Easter party in her classroom.
He also got to do a Easter egg hunt there.
We did a little Easter egg hunt of our own too.

The reason why I haven't been posting much of anything is because we have been out of state visiting family.

This is a picture of DH and the G man checking out a tank while we took a break from our long drive to Arizona.

DD's favorite thing about the trip was bonding with her 14 year cousin, Alec. They spent a lot of time hanging out and watching movies.
DD with her cousins Max and Izzy.
Me and DH having lunch with the family.
DD took this picture of me with her new camera while we were shopping in Scottsdale Arizona. 
This was a pretty typical view of Arizona.
DD and her favorite cousin on Easter morning. I love that their behavior is so similar. Yup, they are definitely related, lol. 
Picture with the family. This was the whole party on Easter Sunday when we were in Phoenix Arizona for dinner. 
Cousins! I would love to take another picture a few years from now and see how they have changed.

After our long but fun trip to Arizona, we are finally back home! I will be posting my reviews and giveaway regularly again :).

Hope you had a great Easter with your family too!


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