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April 25, 2013

Homemade Pina Colada Fruit Roll Ups!

DD and her friends are obsessed with fruit roll ups. Although I packed several for her to take to school everyday, apparently she has been sharing them with her friends so we have been going through fruit roll ups like nobody's business.

I had a  lot of pineapples in the pantry, so I thought I would make some piña colada favored fruit rolls to change things up. This was a huge hit with both kids and mommies. 

To make 1 cookie sheet size of the fruit roll up, you will need

* 2 cups of pineapple (I used canned pineapples that's not sweetened, but you can use fresh pineapples too)
* 1 cup of unsweetened apple sauce
* 1/3 cup of shredded coconuts
* a teaspoon of coconut oil 

In a blender, puree the pineapples with apple sauce and coconuts until the texture is smooth. If you have an dehydrator, you could use that to make your fruit roll up. If you are using an oven, line your cookie sheet with parchment paper. Generously grease the parchment paper with coconut oil, then pour the puree evenly onto the parchment paper. Dehydrate in your oven at between 135 to 150 degrees for about 9 to 11 hours. Once dried, you should be able to pull the piña colada fruit roll up away from the parchment paper. It should not appear wet, but it might be a little sticky to the touch. 
While it is still warm, cut the fruit roll ups in the parchment paper and secure with baker's twine.
This is a Pina Colada drink on the beach in Hawaii rolled up in a Paleo friendly form. Happy Paleo snacking.


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