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April 22, 2013

Berenstain Bears Collection Set, MVP and MVP2 DVDs Review

MVP (Most Valuable Primate): Jack, the chimp, breaks for freedom - and ends up stranded in the frozen northlands. Befriended by two teens, Jack's talent for ice skating soon turns him into the local hockey team's secret weapon. Now, playoffs are in full swing. The lab officials are closing in. And Jack has one chance to prove that when it comes to skating away with the affections of an entire town, he doesn't monkey around!
MVP 2: From the makers of Air Bud, the Most Valuable Primate is going vertical! Jack is back, and this time he's traded in his hockey skates... for a skateboard! When the beloved chimp is framed for something he didn't do, he ends up lost and alone in a strange city. Befriended by Ben, a shy skateboard kid, Jack reveals a hidden talent for totally awesome skateboard tricks!
Berenstain Bears Collection Set
In the rolling hills of Bear Country, this animated comedy stars a fun loving family of honey Bears whose love, loyalty and humor allow them to overcome any obstacle that finds its way down to their sunny dirt road. The funny, familiar experiences of this bear family instill timeless life lessons and reflect the traditional community values of country life.

Our review:
DD and her little brother watched the MVP and MVP2 DVDs. They both enjoyed watching the movies and  thought that the chimp was amazing because all of the things he could do (playing hockey and skating). It's pretty fun to watch how into the movies they were. My kids were definitely entertained. DD's best friend loves anything that's associated with monkeys, so we decided to buy these DVDs for her too. DD grew up listening to me reading Berenstain Bears to her, so she is very familiar with the stories. Now that she is old enough to read on her own, she would sometimes read the books to her little brother. Because both of them love the books, it was especially fun for them to watch the Berenstain Bears Collection Set. Each DVD has 5 episodes and each episode is about 10 minutes long. Although my kids were able to sit through an entire DVD without any problems, if you have a child with a shorter attention span, this still a good DVD set to pick up because the each episode is relatively short. I also love that these DVDs have kid friendly auto play options.

To buy the DVDs we received to review, please go to Amazon.com.

*I received a free product (or products) for review purposes. I did not receive any form of compensation from the company. All opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway. My reviews are not always positive, but they are my personal and honest opinions. Other people's views and experiences with the product or products might be different from mine.  


sue m said...

we love the berenstain bears.

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