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March 7, 2013

Feburary Photos

We had a few big events this month. The first one was DD's February Girl Scout meeting and outing. The first thing we did at the meeting was taking pictures of every girl in the troop. This was DD's individual photo.

The girls painted heart shaped picture frames for the photos we took.
DD and her troop buddies!
The girls made Valentine's Day cards for the elderly at the local senior center. After making the cards, we took the girls there to present their cards along with some flowers and homemade cookies. 
During this month's Girl Scout meeting, the girls also made Friendship Soup. Each girl brought two ingredients and we put everything together to make this delicious soup that's all about teamwork, love, and friendships. 
DD gave the soup two thumbs up. She said that it was the best soup ever. I loved that she remembered what each one of her friends brought to the meeting to make this soup. As she enjoyed the soup, she talked about how much she loves the soup and her Girl Scout friends.
We celebrated Chinese new year this month! It's the Year of the Snake. DD's Chinese school set up a huge event with game booth, craft stations and lots of Chinese food for everyone to enjoy. We ate, the kids played, it was great. I love that DD is not only learning Chinese, she is also learning so much about Chinese culture from her Chinese school every Sunday.

Just a few days after Chinese New Years, we celebrated Valentine's Day. I took the kids out to breakfast and gave them their presents. They each got a balloon.

The G man was especially impressed by his T-rex, there was a total stare down. I think the T-rex won, lol.

DD got a cute elephant. Her friends from school asked to play with her balloon, they seem to all like it. I have ordered a lot of special balloons for DD's birthday party,  I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will arrive in time because I think the kids will be very excited to get them.

We ended Valentine's Day with a bake sale at school. DD's first grade class is trying raise money for NEGU (Jessie Rees Foundation).
The G man's smile pretty much sums up our Valentine's Day :).
The weekend after Valentine's Day, DD and her friends had a cookie booth sale. It was fun to watch the girls in action. They worked so hard to sell this cookies.
There usually isn't any pictures of myself (since I am always the one holding the camera), but my CrossFit trainer took this photo of me and my workout partner so I thought I would include it in this post. This was toward the end of our workout. It went from me flipping the tire by myself to my workout partner and I flipping it together. My sunglasses were falling off. Plus I looked really angry in this photo, but I assure you, I was not angry, that was a look of motivation. We were trying to flip the tire from one end of basketball court to the other end and back in less than 90 seconds. Boy,  that was tiring, lol!
The biggest event we celebrated this month was G man's birthday (but since DD's birthday was only a couple of weeks away, we celebrated both kids' birthdays together). We went out to dinner with our friends Irene, Bryan and their daughter.
Then we drove to the party with a trunk full of balloons and goodies for the kids. 
It was an evening of glow in the dark, pump up and down, wear your PJ's kind of party. My kids and their friends had a great time. It was so nice to see my kids surrounded by their best friends on their big day. Such a blessing!

After all the playing, we all sat down to enjoy lots of yummy food and cake. The kids got to sit with their animal balloons and they each got to take a pet balloon home too.
When we got home, DD got to open up all of her presents. This was the first year she was truly interested in reading all of the birthday cards because she wanted to write thank you cards to them.
G was more interested in playing with the toys he got. He opened one gift, got distracted by his new toy so his sister helped him open up the rest of his gifts.
It was a great birthday party. I knew DD would have a blast, but it was also awesome to see how much fun G had too!
You would think after all those weekend activities we did, I would be totally exhausted. Well, I was, lol. But somehow I still managed to take my little guy to Disneyland on the last day of February.  Hopefully I will be able to get more cute photos to share in the future, but for now, the G man is as active as a toddler could be. He will not stand or sit still for a second-- which makes taking any pictures of him incredibly difficult. These were the 2 pictures I managed to get out of him from our trip.

February was a super busy but fun and exciting month for us. The month of March should be equally exciting because we have DD's actual birthday coming up. We also have a surprise trip planned for the kids :). I will be sharing more photos in a month.


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