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February 3, 2013

January Photos

Wow, I can't believe January came and went so quickly. I spent tonight going through the photos I took and noticed that we did not do as many activities as I thought, but for some reason I felt like we were always on the go. Perhaps it's my daughter's busy schedule that's leaving me somewhat overwhelmed. In addition to attending first grade at a Christian school, DD continues to be active in gymnastics, art lessons, choir, Chinese school and Girl Scouts.

Here's some of the activities we managed to squeezed in outside of her normal routine.

Every month, my friend Irene spends at least one entire day with us. This month was no exception. We took the kids out for breakfast and then to the mall to shop and hang out for a few hours. It was a nice change of pace because I don't get to that very often.

While we were out, we stopped by the Disney store to pick up some toys for our kids.
Another activity my kids love doing is having park playdates with their friends. I met up with my friends Adrianne and Kym at the park so that all of our kids could hang out. This is a picture taken by Adrianne with her cell phone. I love this photo of us together :).
The G man loved the park and the bath that followed it too!
A picture of all of our kids. There was  too much sun so it was kind of hard to get a decent picture of them.
The following day, I met up with my friends Adrianne, Kym, Lan and Stephine at a different park. I love these girls, they are all so sweet!
The boys!
DD with her best friend (from school).
This month we also celebrated DD's best friend Mei-mei's birthday. The girls have been friends ever since DD was an infant. I actually held Mei-mei when she was a newborn, so it's hard for me to imagine that the little baby I held not that long ago just turned 8 years old.
Baby G with Mei-mei's big brother, James.
These two just adore one another, so cute!

The following weekend, we celebrated Nora's birthday at Pump It Up.
The G man had a blast! I think it's so wonderful that all of DD's friend love him. They watched out for him and played with him at the birthday party.
We celebrated another one of DD's best friends birthday at Disneyland: Vannah turned 7 years old and the two girls have been friends ever since they were toddlers. DD had so much fun that she was begging me to do the same thing for her birthday.

A fun activity my hubby and I did this month was taking a trip to Las Vegas for 3 days without the kids. We ate, saw shows and had a wonderful time. Of course, even though we had a great time we missed our kids like crazy!

This is a picture of us right at Penn and Teller show.

I love the buffets in Las Vegas. It was super hard to stick to my Paleo diet while we were on our trip.
As I mentioned before, DD is in Girl Scouts. After we came back from Vegas, we have been selling cookies.

Well, that pretty much wrapped up all of the fun activities we did last month. We have a lot of great activities planned for February too. I will share them with you in a month :).  


sandy1955 said...

Great pics, I enjoyed looking through them and that was lots of happy kids in those pics
Sandy VanHoey

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