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January 13, 2013

Joovy moonRoom Review

We have tried and owned several different brands of playard, but our favorite, without a doubt, is the Joovy moonRoom. I think the biggest problem for us is that we have incredibly large children. Both DD and the little G-man are off the chart in height and weight. While the traditional playard worked fine for our little man when he was an infant, he quickly outgrew it. The last one we owned, he barely had enough room to straighten his legs completely when he was laying down in it. Needless to say, he was quite fussy about being trapped in such a tiny place. 

Having seem photos of the moonRoom before it arrived, we were excited to see if it will live up to our expectations. It came just in time for us to test it out at DH's parents house during our stay there over the Christmas break.

What I liked about the moonRoom is that everything fits perfectly in its own bag. It is heavier than the other playard units we owned in the past, but considering that it is larger is size and feels more sturdy too, we were not surprised that it was heavier. At a little over 27 lbs, I am still able to carry it without any assistance. However, due to its size, I found myself needing 2 hands to carry the moonRoom.
This is what the moonRoom look like as I unrolled it from the cover.
The G-man thoroughly enjoyed the extra space that the moonRoom offers!
The moonRoom served us very well when we were visiting my in laws. It was easy to set up (took just a couple of minutes to pop it up and made sure it was secure). It also only took a few minutes to collapsed it and put it back in the bag. The instruction is located on the back side of the mat, but there is also another set of paper instructions in the side pocket of the carrier. Due to the extra space that the moonRoom has, our little guy is definitely more comfortable. He was able to play and sleep in it without any problems. Because my in laws had so many Christmas decorations out, the G-man was really tempted to touch everything. We were afraid that he was going to break my in laws' expensive antiques. Thankfully, he was in the moonRoom this past holiday trip, so we didn't have to be such nervous wracks. We were able to enjoy our stay  without having to watch him like a hawk and make sure he doesn't touch anything in the house.

When we had friend over for a playdate, we have founded that the moonRoom is actually larger enough for 2 toddlers to play in. We were pleasantly surprised! We love the moonRoom so much that we are really looking forward to taking it with us for our family trip in a couple of months.

To buy the awesome playard we received to review, please visit the Joovy website to make your purchase. The moomRoom retails for $219.99.

You can find out more about Joovy products through its facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/joovy2

You can also follow Joovy on twitter here: https://twitter.com/joovy

*I received a free product (or products) for review purposes. I did not receive any form of compensation from the company. All opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway. My reviews are not always positive, but they are my personal and honest opinions. Other people's views and experiences with the product or products might be different from mine.


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