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December 3, 2012

Webkinz Friends iPad App Review

After finish her homework and chores for the day, DD gets to play with Webkinz World game as an reward. She does not get to it do all the time because on most days, after doing everything she needs to get done, she really doesn't have any spare time for game playing. For this reason, she loves the fact that she gets to play with Webkinz Friends on my iPad. On our long drive to the grandparents' house, DD gets to play all of the games she wants on my iPad. Although there is a lot of educational and learning games on it, she gets tired of them quickly. She really just prefers playing Webkinz Friends whenever she could.

Being able to play her favorite game on my iPad means that she will never get bored no matter how long our drive might be. For me, I love the fact that she is completely content playing Webkinz Friends that I don't hear any whining or complaining. The main goal of Webkinz Friend is to build your dream Kinzville. You get to adopt a pet and design your home with items from KinzMart.  DD loves the building aspect the game. She is all about building apartment, bakery and so forth. When she visits KinzMart, she like to get planting resources from it in order to grow her own building material. It's interesting to see how excited she gets when she sees progress in putting her little town together.

To help build your town, it is very useful to have neighbors that you can interact with. Having neighbors will give you stocks to get energy and to request for help in challenges. Plus, your nice neighbors could actually send you things you need.  I think that this is a great feature when siblings or close friends play the game together. DD does have a couple of friends who play this game, but because they don't play frequently (or at the same time as DD does), it is hard to get goals accomplished if she only depends on her in game neighbors. She mostly tries to do all of the challenges on her own. When she gets stuck, then I will log into my account and try to help her out. 

We really like the Webkinz Friends iPad App because it allows DD to play the game while we are traveling. It is much easier for DD to play the game using the touch screen technology. However, I have noticed that when DD plays Webkinz World, the game itself seems to work very well. The iPad app, in contrast, has crashed on DD several times. We have found that restarting the app will resolve the issue. We love that by offering an iPad App, the game is more portable and accessible for our daughter. But we do think that the app could be improved so that it is as good as the Webkinz World version.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Webkinz. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.


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