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December 8, 2012

The Joy of Christmas Card Photo Session

We take family photos once a year. This is one time of the year that we dress up in matching outfits and we take a nice photo for our Christmas card. You know, the card that gets sent out to ALL of our friends and families. So you can imagine how important getting just ONE nice picture is to me. This morning, we got up at 7 AM to get the kids dressed for this important family occasion.

Well, wouldn't you know it?! The G man refused to cooperate.  From where I stood,  I had 2 choices. I could pack up the kids and just head home, or I can just go with the flow and do the best with what I had. That's when I decided that I will just start taking pictures of my little man having his complete melt down. We did manage to get a few good photos between the crying episodes, but if you are a mom of a toddler, I am sure  you know exactly what it is like dealing with a child with a mind of his own. It's a tough age. You want them to understand you and listen to your commands, but it's just not happening. In an ideal world, my kids would always be as well behaved and happy as that perfect moment captured in the Christmas card photo. Of course, that's not the case in real life. At least, not for me. During my moment of irritation brought on by how difficult it was to just get one decent photo, I realized something far more important. I lost sight of what a wonderful stage toddlerhood is! I love that the G man is all about exploring the world. He is curious about everything. He wants to touch everything. He does not want to sit still for a photo session because he wants touch, see, feel, listen and learn all of the things the world has to offer. Once I realized that, I let go. I allowed him to have his melt down. I took photos of it because one day he will be too old have a complete melt down and still look adorable doing it.

We came home, looked at the photos and laughed. It was a good photo session after all. Today, it was not about capturing the best moments, it is about capturing an honest and true moment so that we can hold it in our hands forever!

I could not stop by myself, I just had to add some captions of what I imagined the G man was thinking during his melt down.

"Why do we have to take family photos, why?!"
"No, I will not cooperate with you!"
"No, you can not make me take pictures with you!"
"I will not let go, I will not take pictures !"
"This better not be in the Christmas card this year, mommy!"
"This is the Worst Day ever!"
"No way I am getting up for pictures! You can't make me!"

If you already had your family Christmas photos taken, I hope yours went better than ours did. If it did not go well for you, then, I hope you got some photos that you could some day embarrass your kids with, like we did, lol.


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