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December 1, 2012

Month of November was Awesome!

November was a great month for us! We got to do a lot of things for the first time this month!

In early November, my friend Jenn and I took DD to San Diego for the 5K Color Run. It was my first 5K run and DD's too. We had a blast! In fact, we enjoyed it so much that we already signed up for the one in Orange County in 2013. We have even recruited enough friends to have a whole team of moms. Here's a photo of us in our very white color :).
Here's Jenn and I, at the starting line, waiting for the fun to begin.
We took hundreds of pictures, but this is what DD and I looked like when we were done with the 5K race. If you haven't done one before, I recommend checking it out. It's super fun. I like that there isn't any pressures on running fast, so you could even walk it if you want. When we do it in 2013, my friend Sarah will be joining us. She runs 5k on her own at least 3 days a week, so I imagine that I will have to run a lot faster if I want to keep up with her.
The G man also got to try bowling for the very first time. Here's my little man fighting with his sister for her bowling ball.
He is a natural athlete. We called him Super G after this. He was carrying a bowling ball 1/3 of his body weight.
Since we started seeing a lot more pine cones on the ground, we took the kids on a nature walk and they got to pick pine cones. We walked for over an hour in search of the perfect pine cones for the Christmas crafts I have planned for the kids.
We went back bowling again with more friends. DD is really loving bowling and she has stopped using the ramp for little kids. I think we will be doing a lot more of this in the future.
For the first time ever, we took the kids to the candy store. We let them buy whatever they wanted. They were so happy. Days later, they still talked about how it was their favorite activity over the thanksgiving break.
After we loaded the kids up with all that candy, we took them to the park to burn it off.
DD also got to go to Disneyland this Month. We visited back in May but we haven't been back since Cars' Land has been completed, so she was really excited about visiting it for the first time.
The trip was made better when I surprised her by meeting up with our friends there! Creating wonderful memories with friends at Disneyland is priceless :).
Last but definitely not least, my little princess won an award from her school! She won the Appreciation Award for always being thankful and showing gratitude. She was honored in front the school during chapel time. I could not be more proud of my daughter. Appreciating all things in life, showing gratitude and not taking anything for granted are values we teach our kids. It's so awesome to know that she really is learning what we have been teaching and showing her!

I hope you all had a great November as well! December is one of my favorite months and I can't wait for all of the exciting activities. Do you feel the same as I do?


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