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November 5, 2012

Webkinz Review

DD received a Webkinz plush toy as a gift last year. Although she loved the cute adorable plush toy she got, she didn't spend much time playing the game. Mostly we were concerned that she might have been too young for it. Plus, she did not quite have the patience to play anything for a long period of time. However, in a year's time, things have changed a lot. She is much more interested in games. Since she started first grade, we have set up a system where she could earn play time by finishing her homework on time as well as completing her chores.

Although she already had a Webkinz cat, she has been asking for more pets. Lucky for her, we received 2 of them to review.
Perhaps the best thing about Webkinz is that not only does she get to play with the plush toy in real life, she also gets to interact with it though a virtual online game.
Although DD has played other games on my iphone and my iPad, I would say that Webkinz is by far her favorite. She loves decorating her pet's room and taking care of it. I used the code on the second plush toy to set up an account for myself. I thought we could play together. However, I must admit that while it might have been entertaining for a couple of hours, I lost interest afterwards. It's really not my type of game even though my daughter enjoys it a lot.

One of the things I really like about the game is that it teaches the basic concept about earning and spending money. To buy things for her pet in the game, DD has to figure out if she has enough money and then if it is really worth the purchase. A few times she bought something that she later regretted (either because she saw something she wanted more later or because she realized that it was too expensive). Earning virtual money and spending it has been a wonderful way to show her the importance of considering every purchase wisely. Another thing I really like about Webkinz game is that it is very child friendly and the website seems very safe as well. DD doesn't use the chat option, but from testing the site myself, I noticed that there is restrictions in the game so that no inappropriate language could be used. 

In addition to playing the game online. You could also have your child play it on Webkinz's facebook page or even download its new app onto your ipad. Although we allowed DD to check out the facebook platform version of the game, she didn't really care for it. I think that she was just so used to the online version that she would rather stick with what she is familiar with.

My daughter loves Webkinz and I could see all her friends loving it too. As such, I would recommend this toy as a holiday gift for elementary school age kids.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Webkinz. I received a product sample and a promotional item to thank me for participating


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