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November 30, 2012

Paleo Breakfast: Almond Pancake Recipe

I have been on the Paleo diet for awhile now. I fell off the wagon when I got sick and then my Paleo diet was completely out of the window when Thanksgiving came, but I am back on it again. The problem with being off the wagon was that I felt so sluggish when I wasn't eating right. Even when I worked out, I felt like a snail trying to catching up with everyone else at the gym. This is how I knew that I needed to be back on it asap.

For days I have been thinking of eating pancakes but I knew better. This morning, I decided to make myself a Paleo pancake. This recipe only makes 1 pancake, so you will need to adjust it if you are making more. You can also add blueberries to the pancake if you want. I think it tastes way better than it looks, but I love to hear what you think if you decide to try it.

Almond Pancake:

* 1/4 cup of almond meal or almond flour (I used almond meal because I like the nutty texture, 1 lb. bag for $3.99 at Trader Joe's)
* 1 egg
* Vanilla Extract
* Cinnamon
* Honey
* Coconut oil (I am using organic coconut oil from Tropical Traditions). 

Mix 1/4 cup of almond meal with egg, add a splash of vanilla extract with a splash of cinnamon. Heat coconut oil on your non-stick frying pan and then pour your almond mixture in. Cook like you would like any other pancakes.

Once you are done, drizzle a teaspoon of honey on it (I used organic honey for mine).

I only need 1 pancake because it is really filling, so you will want to keep that in mind when you make yours.

Happy Paleo eating!


Lisa Brown said...

I love you used almond meal. I used to add almond meal to pancakes, just a bit. but I love how you used it. Love the low carb of this recipe and there is no wheat :)

Naomi said...

Ok, great, simple, uncomplicated recipe! I grind my own almonds for a great, fresh taste. :)

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