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November 8, 2012

J.A. Campbell Silversmiths London Review

I dream that one day I could own silverware from  J.A. Campbell Silversmiths London . For now, I am keeping breakables away from my two monkeys, and nothing they break will cost me any tears or heart aches.

The only time we get to use "fancy" silverware is on special occasions at my in law's house. I know that most of the silverware was passed down from my husband's grandmother. Since I grew up in Taiwan and we did not use silverware there, so I didn't inherited anything nice like that. If we could affordable them (after paying for two kids' college educations), I would love to get a nice claret jug. I day dream about serving my guests drinks out of something so refine.

Of course, while I am at it, I would also pick up some classic candle holders for my dinning room table. My guests will be able to enjoy a great deal in just the right atmosphere.
J.A. Campbell Silversmiths London products are not just any silverware. They are one of the few companies in England using traditional silversmith methods. Each piece is carefully crafted. I hope that one day I would be lucky enough to own a few pieces from there.


Emma Kate said...

I love it :)

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