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November 19, 2012

Cottonelle Name It Contest and Two Cottonelle Care Routines Giveaways -- ended

We always have friends and relatives visiting us over the holiday season. The first thing I do before anyone comes over is making sure that my home is cleaned. If we have guests spending the night, then I would make sure that I put out nice, clean, soft and comfortable bedding for them. In the guest bathroom. I make sure that there are clean towels, lots of toilet paper in the bathroom cabinet (so we don't have to worry about our guests running out of toilet papers while they are in the bathroom), and I also put out a small baskets of travel size shampoos, conditioners and soaps for them to use. We usually spend a night or two at my in law's house for Christmas, so I am reminded of how hard it is to travel. Taking two kids on a trip is not easy, once we get to our destination sometimes it's hard to settle in. The thing I miss the most when I travel is my bed. I imagine that a lot of people miss sleeping in their own beds just like I do. Since we don't get to take our beds along for trips, we make sure that we are comfortable in other aspects. The kids get to bring their favorite toys when we visit the grandparents. Being with their favorite plush toys is enough to comfort them on a short trip. For my husband and myself, we are blessed that my in laws live in a nice home where there is a large shower in our own private bathroom. In the room we sleep in, it is beautifully decorated in 19th century antiques. The kids have their own guest bedroom to sleep in so we don't all have to cramped together in one room.  They have a pool that they would heat up for the kids to play in. Needless to day, my kids love to visit their grandparents.

We usually only have friends and relatives staying with us for a few days over the holiday season. My best friend, Jessica, in contrast, has her parents living with her 6 months out of the year. She adores her parents, so she actually loves it when they come to the US to stay with her. During her parents' latest visit, the topic of flushable wipes came up. She commented that since her parents had been visiting, they are going through flushable wipes 3 times faster than normal, she wanted to know if I knew where she could get some coupons or buy them cheaper. I thought it was interesting that while we all use the bathroom everyday, it is not a topic we would normally discuss. In fact, Jessica and I have been best friends for over 10 years and the first time we talked about it was 3 weeks ago. Since we were on the topic of flushable wipes, she asked me if we have always used them in our home too. The truth is that we don't always use them. I remembered dating my boyfriend in high school (now my husband). When I visited his parents' house, I noticed that there were flushable wipes in their bathroom, and I thought it was really odd since my parents never used or bought them. I did not even know such products existed. Then right after I gave birth to DD almost 7 years ago, I experienced a lot of  bleeding afterwards. I picked some some flushable wipes to keep myself clean. Because it worked so well, we have been using flushable wipes every since.

I noticed that when we have young kids or adults with sensitive stomach visiting over the holiday season, they might need to use bathroom more often because they are more likely to be eating food that don't agree with their stomachs. I imagine that it would be very embarrassing for my guests to yell for more toilet papers from the bathroom. As such, I always put out Cottonelle toilet papers as well as fresh care flushable moist wipes. I want my guests to be comfortable in our home. I wouldn't want them to be embarrassed about any unmentionable that might happen in the bathroom. After using the toilet paper, we could all feel extra clean with the help of flushable wipes. Cottonelle's toilet papers and wipes are soft on our bottoms so we could feel great after using the bathroom.

Are you a fan of Cottonelle already or do you want to try their product? The company is giving away a year supply of Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care and Cottonelle Fresh Care products in their 'Name it' contest. All you have to do is share your suggested name for the Cottonelle Care Routine for a chance to win !!!

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Two of my lucky readers will each win a Cottonelle Care Routines giveaway here! This giveaway ends on Nov 21, 2012. 
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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cottonelle. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.


eclairre said...

Purely clean

Angela said...

Fast Fresh

mummytotwoboys said...

I picked Pure Clean :)

Lee said...
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Lee said...

Moxie Better

Lee said...

I would name it Pamering Pleasure

Tracy Suzanne said...

Two Clean

Thanks for the giveaway Jennifer. I can always use more TP.

Hugs… Tracy@CottonPickinCute

Stephanie Larison said...

Fresher clean

Yona Williams said...

They gave me Cool Pure, but I liked Soft Moments better. Email: yona(at)pricelesswriters.com

Elisabeth said...

Clean Queen!