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November 23, 2012

Celebrate the True Spirit of Christmas with World Vision -- ENDED

I have been waiting to sponsor a child for sometime now. We thought about doing it last Christmas, but never got around to it. This year, I am definitely making the commitment to sponsor a child through World Vision. I have several close friends who have been sponsoring children from World Vision for a few years now. I have been heard nothing but wonderful things about it.

Living in Southern California where consumerism clouds many people's view of  the world, it is easy to forget just how lucky we are. I feel incredible blessed every day that I have a roof over my head, two healthy children and a supportive husband. But as thankful as I am, I also take things like clean running water and education for granted. Did you know that in many parts of the world, there are still families who struggle to send their kids to school for basic education or that there are children who could not drink clean water every day?

For just $35 a month, you can sponsor a child. I like that I could pick a child similar to my daughter's age so that she could see how our money helps a little girls just like her from another part of the world. I think that it will also make my daughter appreciate everything she has that much more.
If sponsoring a child is not appealing to you and you don't want to make a long term commitment, then you could donate some money to help other ways. Did you know that for $55, you can provide 5 ducks and 2 chicken for one family so that they could feed themselves all year long. For $25, you can provide job training for women so that she could make a living. $70 could provide 1 year worth of books, paper, pencils, school uniform for 1 orphan. You could also donate money toward the urgently needed clothing, shoes, or school supplies for kids in America.

When you are doing your Christmas shopping for your family and friends this year, think about the other gifts you could make to to World Vision that could change the lives of children in need.

World Vision has generously offered 1 Eco Cup as a giveaway prize to one of my lucky readers. This giveaway ends on Dec 7, 2012.

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Romina said...

It's great that there are several ways to support those in need from sponsorship to matching gifts.

BlessieNelson said...

I love World Vision for the work they do in under developed countries and in developed countries like for Sandy...they are versatile in their aid!

Stephanie Larison said...

You can sponsor a child using the site!

Danielle Porter said...

That you don't have to sponsor a child just by a monthly payment! You can do it one time and buy things like goats, or medical supplies that they need.

MizVickik said...

I learned that they help by giving renewable goods, like animals that provide food.
Mizvickik on gfc

MizVickik said...

MizVickik on gfc

Karen said...

In 2011, 86 percent of World Vision's total operating expenses were used for programs that benefit children, families, and communities in need. Thanks for the giveaway.

Miranda Ward said...

You can sponsor a child :)


Marysa said...

I follow your blog with GFC (Marysa)
Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

Marysa said...

They really have a wide variety selections as far as support - from farm animals to first aid, and a variety of places - from USA to Sudan to Pakistan. I really like how you can tailor your donations.
Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

Anonymous said...

Knit for Kids is a program where you knit or crochet sweaters to donate and help bring warmth and comfort to children in need. We provide a free pattern that you can download.

Chris Alejandro said...

I learned that there are great gift ideas such as a ugandan bracelet. It's an excellent gift and we'd be contributing towards a good cause.

purango said...

I learned you can make a one time donation instead of sponsoring a child. garrettsambo@aol.com