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October 27, 2012

Harrogate Interiors Review

We have set up a desk for DD in the family room for her computer, but we also need to get her a desk for her bedroom. Although since our remodeling, her room is larger, but with her bunk bed, sofa, book selves and toy boxes, there isn't much room left. Then I came across this spacebox folding table that will be prefect in her room. 

The white table will match the rest of her furniture perfectly. More importantly, it takes so little room that space will not be an issue for sure.

When you put the table up, this is what it looks like. There's selves for things like her staple, paper clips, pencil box and so forth.  
This is an example of how the table could be used as a kitchen table. 
I love that when DD is doing her first grade homework, she will be able to put the table up, but when it is not in used, she could leave it down so it will be completely out of her way.
In addition to modern office furniture, Harrogate Interiors also offers contemporary pieces for Kitchen and Dining, livingroom and bedroom.


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