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September 24, 2012

White Jacket Required Book Review & Giveaway -- ENDED

Anyone who has ever dreamed of going to culinary school, or simply loves food, will enjoy this coming-of-age culinary journey by a top young food blogger.

When Jenna Weber graduated from college, there were no jobs to be found. Week after week she searched through the listings and became more and more frustrated. Finally, drastic measures had to be taken. Weber enrolled in culinary school -- not to become a chef, but because she had always wanted to write about food. She also started Eat, Live, Run, a food blog where she could share her experiences as a new culinary student. Today thousands of people love reading her blog regularly; it now focuses on delicious family-friendly recipes, gorgeous food photography, and tasty travel tales.

In White Jacket Required, Weber reveals a deeper side of her life and offers an inside look at what went on behind the scenes at culinary school and during the year that followed. Her stories bring you into the school, from the application process to the nitty-gritty details about classes like Meat Fabrication and Bread 101.

Follow along as Weber confronts the ups and downs of training, gets her first job, deals with a family tragedy, maintains a long-distance relationship, and enters an exciting new chapter in her life. Scattered throughout you'll find dozens of her delicious recipes, including Golden Granola, Girls' Night Turkey Burgers with Spicy Sweet Potato Fries, Croque Monsieur, Old-Fashioned Chocolate Walnut Torte, and Pumpkin Whoopee Pies.

Now that Weber's dreams of writing a book about food have come true, she invites you along for the ride -- no white jacketrequired!

My Review:
When I got married, I only knew how to cook a few things. After eating the same things over and over again, I became more adventurous, and started trying different recipes. Sadly, my cooking skills did not improve and most of what I made wasn't edible. Then when my kids came along, I began to really learn how to cook. For a family on a tight budget, homemade meals allow us to save money while eating healthy. I am not a great cook, so I never had the inspiration to become a chef. But I do love to eat and I love seeing my kids and my husband's smiles after a satisfying meal at home. I also love to watching cooking shows because what those chefs can make out of such simply ingredients is amazing to me. White Jacket Required is fascinating to me for that exact reason.

Written in the first person point of view, Jenna Weber takes her readers on a journey to the culinary world. The book begins with her love affair with food even as a young child and then takes you to when she made the decision to enroll in a culinary school in order to become a writer. The rest of the book takes you through her journey through culinary school and how it was not exactly what she had imagined. Finally, the last chapter reveals how the author became a food writer/blogger. I enjoy reading the first hand accounts of Weber's experiences in culinary school and learning about the struggles she had. The plot flows very nicely. The story is compelling as well. I was able to finish the book in just 3 days, so for any food lovers, I imagine you will most likely be able to finish the book quickly as well. This is not really a book you could read and pass onto other people. Although I have finished the book, I have decided to keep it instead of passing it along to friends who might enjoy them because the book has simple, traditional recipes that I would like to try. I think my friends will need to buy their own copies!

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