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June 9, 2012

Pictures, lots of pictures

I haven't been good at updating my blog with my kids' pictures -- even though documenting our lives was my original reason to start a blog to begin with. I sometimes wonder if my readers think that our lives exist in a vacuum, you know, as though we just do product reviews all day, lol. Product reviews involves about 1% of our lives, most of the time we are kept busy with a lot of day to day mundane chores with occasional highlights . Between the various mommy programs and events hosted by the church that I attend to, my kids are busy with art lessons, gymnastic lessons, playdates, parties, school and Chinese classes.

Sometime ago, I gave up trying to write individual posts about the different things we do. I mean, who am I kidding, I still haven't uploaded the pictures I took from our trips to Taiwan 5 months ago, hahahaa! I woke up this morning (after actually getting 8 hours of sleep, woohoo) and decided that I should just post the pictures I could find from the last few weeks and include short captions for them. Hopefully when my kids are grown and looking at these pictures, they wouldn't think that I was being lazy ; instead they will be able to see how great their childhoods were.

Here they are:

Baby G having so much fun at the park that he fell asleep on the swing!
Hanging out and watching TV at Grandma & Grandpa's.
DD and Avery got their nails painted.
One of the many art projects DD completed. So proud of my little girl!
Baby G goofying around while I sorted through the kids' toys. I actually packed up 5 trash bags of toys to give away.
It's great to be a kid, you can fall asleep anywhere....
Relaxing and watching movies on daddy's iPad at Grandpa and Grandma's.
DD and Avery making necklaces.
This was DD sleeping at the restaurant after a sleepover at her bff's house. Lol, clearly the girls did not get much sleep the night before. 
Baby G and daddy.
DD and friends at Chinese school.
DD and Avery getting ice cream. Yum!
DD and baby G, from the night I gave him a hair cut.
Baby G hanging out with his best bud.
Baby G loves Woody. Good thing my friend Irene bought him several of them, lol.
Hanging out with friends and waiting for a show to start.
DD coloring with her cousin.
DD with another art project she did.
DD with her bff, Meimei. I think it's awesome that Meimei's mom is my best friend and now our girls are best friends!
Just another fun morning for baby G... Not so fun for his mommy, I have to say.
Practicing using a fork. 
Sandbox fun with Grace.
DD and Avery goofying around at Dana Point.
Baby G loves running around.
Best pool party ever!
The hula girls. DD with Julia.
So many toys to choose from in the pool.
I love that the girls waited in line nicely for their turns.


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