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June 28, 2012

Iron Man: Armored Adventures” Season 2, Volume 1 DVD Review

“Iron Man: Armored Adventures” follows Tony Stark, 16-year-old genius and heir to the billion-dollar corporation Stark International, as he battles the enemies of world peace with his revolutionary armor technology. Growing up, Tony had always lived a life of luxury, but everything went horribly wrong when a tragic plane accident robbed him of his father and nearly cost him his own life. Eager to honor the memory of his dad, Tony now uses his suit of invincible armor and technical know-how to protect those who would also fall prey to tragedy, corruption and conspiracy. With help from his friends Rhodey and Pepper Potts, Tony’s activities as Iron Man result in nonstop high-octane action.

In Season Two, Tony and his friends must battle to keep control of his father’s company with things going from bad to worse when the designs for the Iron Man armor are stolen! Can Tony Stark stop the Iron Man technology from being used for evil? Anything can happen in the Super Hero world of Iron Man: Armored Adventures! 

Our Review:
Having never read any of the Iron Man comic books or seen any of the cartoons, I was interested in learning more about this super hero from the action films I watched lately. My husband grew up in the US, so he is very familiar with all of these comic super heroes he grew up with, but since it's been so many years since he picked up one of these comic books, his memory is not very accurate. So, we decided to watch this DVD together as a family. Each episode lasts a little over 20 minutes and they kept my kids entertained. Both my husband and myself thought the show was great as well. We will be picking up the first season so that we will have the complete set :).

To buy this DVD, please visit your local stores where DVD are sold. You could also order a copy of it here: http://www.amazon.com/Iron-Man-Armored-Adventures-Season/dp/B007I1Q4RC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1340934987&sr=8-1&keywords=iron+man+armored+adventures+season+2

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