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June 25, 2012

Evergreen Fridge Hunt: Choose Cartons

I don't really think much about the containers that's used to package my food. I suppose that is a bit odd considering that we do at least half of our grocery shopping at the local farmer's market and I always bring my reusable bags when I shop there.  When I pick up milk, cheese, juice and milk for my family, I just pick whatever that's on sale. Then I was given the Evergreen Fridge Hunt challenge, so I went to my fridge and checked out the containers that were used to packaged our food. As you can see, most of the items are in plastic; with exception of juices, they are in cartons.
I guess the reason why I don't think much about the packaging is because we recycle or reuse all of the plastic containers that come through our house. Then I checked out www.choosecartons.com and I totally changed my mind. For example, did you know that cartons block UV light preserving the nutritional value of foods like milk? Did you also know that paperboard cartons contain over 70% paper, which comes from a renewable resource, trees from responsibly managed forests?

Evergreen offers a lot of interesting facts about cartons I didn't know before. After learning about how much better it is to use carton instead of plastic (even if we do recycle the plastic), I am definitely planning buying items that are packaged in cartons! I checked out our local supermarkets and realized that many of the things I bought regularly do come in cartons. Instead of buying 1 gallon of milk that comes in plastic, I could buy 2 of the half gallon milk that come in cartons. Making the transition to food packaged in cartoon wasn't that hard for me, I just needed to check out a few stores and note what my options were.

Evergreen is is supporting Habitat for Humanity and you can help raise money for this great cause! Every carton fact shared, via Twitter, using the hashtag #choosecartons will do just that. When 1500  tweets and facebook posted have been posted, Evergreen will donate $15,000 to Habitat for Humanity. You can learn more about  it here: http://www.choosecartons.com/share-the-story/

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Evergreen and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


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