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June 28, 2012

"Bizarre Politics" Book Review

Did you hear the one about the mule who got elected to office?
Pizza kings, mama bears, fake PAC ads, and obscene tweets: Today's politics seem to have grown crazier--and more contentious--than ever. But is it really any weirder now than it ever was? In a world filled with corruption, lies, and illicit affairs, where the news regularly serves up politicians' gaffes, crimes, and screwups, it's hard to imagine things were ever stranger. Well, guess what? America has a long history of bizarre politics... and it's all here! Just in time for the 2012 presidential race, we invite you into the political loony bin, where you'll encounter dozens of really unlikely candidates, follow campaign trail madness, meet far too many contenders with foot-in-mouth disease, and learn about a host of false promises and lies meant to lure (presumably gullible) voters. 

There are plenty of fun tidbits from the world of Washington, Congress, and beyond. So when the wackiness that is a big election year just becomes too much, dig in, read, and remember: We've been there before, we'll come out again! 
Our Review:
Bizarre Politics is a book contains lots of humorous stories and quotes of US politicians. It is a quick read and it is divided up so that you could read as little as 1 passage or several pages in one setting. This is the kind of book that my husband calls "the bathroom book," because it's something everyone would want to pick up to read but can't put down, so they ended up sitting on the toilet way longer than they should, lol. This is a fun and entertaining book to keep on hand.

To buy the book we received to review, please visit the CharlesBridge Website. This title will be available in July.

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