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April 8, 2012

2012 Easter Photos

What a long but fun weekend we had! Because last Friday was Good Friday, DD did not have to attend school. That morning, we met up with our friends for an Easter Egg Hunt at a local park and enjoyed a yummy breakfast there as well.

Since it was baby G's first Easter Egg Hunt ever, he was a little confused by it all.
He pretty much picked up 1 egg and was done with the whole thing, lol.
He was mostly fascinated by his basket and the one egg he had.
Luckily, his big sister came along to help him out. She filled his egg basket for him. What an awesome sister!
Baby G helped putting the eggs away too.
After our Easter Egg Hunt, we enjoyed a nice breakfast. It was a fest!
Let's not forget the coffee and donuts. Yum!
On Saturday, we went to Ethan's birthday party. The little guy was turning 3.
DD was pretty excited about going. She held onto his gift as we walked to where the party was being held.
First we went to Zoomars to pet and feed some animals.
We must not have been there in a long time, I had no idea that they had a little pig there.
The kids feeding the animals.

Even baby G wanted in on the action.
He loved the animals too and wanted to feed them as well.
He found a bunny that he wanted to feed.
I was surprised by how much he enjoyed feeding the bunnies.
DD really wanted to take one home.
baby G holding onto his big sister because he was just a bit scared.
Everybody loves carrots.
It was such a beautiful day!
baby G just hanging out while he waited for his sister to finish.
DD getting rid of the last of her carrots.

This was also another thing that's new since we been there. Zoomars had their version of sandbox, but it was filled with corn.

The girls had so much fun burying each other in the corn.

After Zoomars, we sat down for a tasty lunch.
Her goodie bag and her cake pop treat.
Our friend made these. It took her six hours to make 36 of them. They turned out so cute!
Baby G eating his lunch as well.
He also wanted to eat his cake pop, but I did not think it was a good idea.
We had such a great time at Ethan's birthday party. Even afterwards as we were walking back to our cars, the girls continued to play.
Once we were in the car, DD asked if she could eat her treat.
She ate it!
She told me that it tasted as delicious as it looked.
Today we went to my in law's house for Easter.

We ate lunch there.
Then I hid the eggs for the kids to do their Easter Egg Hunt there. I made a trail of eggs for baby G.
I made another trail (that's longer and with more eggs) for DD.
Of course, the trail of eggs led to her Easter basket.
Just like Friday, baby G picked  up 1 egg and decided he was done. He was not at all interested in his Easter basket at the end of the trail.
DD, on the other hand, could not wait to gather up all of her eggs.
Looking and searching!
baby G did not share his sister's excitement. 

After DD was done picking up her eggs, she helped baby G with his.
Very happy with her eggs!
Baby G wanted to check out his sister's eggs.
Time for some pictures!

She really loves and adores her little brother. I just love how much they love one another.
Baby G trying to eat his plastic egg.
We decided to head inside the house so that the kids could open up their eggs. baby G got Little People toys in his eggs.
He also got a sock monkey plush doll from his aunt.
Instead of filling the eggs with candy this year, I filled most of them with necklaces, bracelets and rings for DD.
baby G hanging out with my brother in law. 
He dropped some gold fish on the ground. Luckily, my in law's house is completely spotless. I don't think I seen cleaner floor anywhere else, so we had no problem letting the little guy picking up his gold fish and eat them off the floor, lol.
We had a great weekend and I hope you did too!


Shelly said...

beautiful family Jennifer, looks like the kids had a great time over the weekend :)

Melissa said...

I love the photos! Looks like your little ones had a fun time! :)

Beth R said...

Happy Easter to your family! It looks like you guys had several days packed with Easter fun! Love the pictures of the two of your little ones together. So cute!! Thanks for sharing

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