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December 4, 2011

B. Toys Review

I was first introduced to B. Toys products a little over 5 years ago. DD was an infant then and my friend Ruohmei's little girls just love their B. Toys. My friend recommended that I check them out at Target. I ended up buying Poppitoppy and Hugs Links for her. The toys were so well made that even though they were some of her favorite toys (she played with them daily), they were still in excellent condition after she outgrew them. We ended up saving the toys and now baby G is playing with them.

Over the years, I have seen a lot of B.Toys at friends' homes when we visited them for playdates. One of the things that everyone commented on was how much their kids love the toys and how reasonably priced they were. I don't think I have ever heard of a single negative thing about any of their products from moms I know. As such, whenever I need to buy a gift for a friend's kid, I would stop by Target to get a B.Toys for them.

Last time I reviewed B. Toys, I received the You Hue table and Jungle Jam. The You Hue table still gets used daily by DD. The Jungle Jam also gets played with frequently. Because my kids love B. Toys products so much, I am excited to be including B. Toys in my holiday shopping guide. As far as I am concerned, you just can't go wrong with their products.

For this review, the company sent baby G the Fish & Splish set to play with. To say that baby G loves this is an understatement. He spends hours playing with the nesting cups and fish. Although this is a bath time toy set, baby G actually likes to play with it so much that we would take it out of the bathroom in the morning (after all of the pieces are dried from the bath time the night before) so that he could play with them when he wakes up.

The second set of toys my kids received to review was the Bristle Block Spinaroos. I have discovered this to be the prefect set for baby G and DD to play with together. The pieces are large enough so that I don't have to worry about baby G eating the pieces. The pieces connect with one another very easily and nicely. As such, while baby G loves to touch the pieces (because of the colors and texture), DD has been using the pieces to build monster and castles. One of the great thing about this kit is that because the pieces come in a container, when the kids are done playing, they are able to clean up the pieces by putting them back without my help. This is a building set that my kids enjoy playing with and it could be stored away easily too. This toy set gets two thumbs up in my book.

Last but not least, DD also received the Take It Easel to review. Although this Easel could be used at home on a kitchen table or at a picnic table at the park, I have been keeping it in the car so that DD could color and draw while we are on the road. As some of you already know, DD has been taking art lessons and she loves to draw. In the past, I asked her to put a folder on her legs and to color/draw on the paper using the folder as support. DD has been complaining that her mommy's method does not work well. She finds it hard to draw on a folder, so she gave up on it. The arrival of Take it Easel solved our little problem. DD loves using it to color and draw while we are  on the road. Just the other day, unexpectedly,  we were stuck in traffic. DD was complaining about how bored she was. All I had to do was to take out a piece of paper for her. She was able draw on her new easel very comfortably.

To buy the fun toys we received to review, please visit your local Target stores. You may also check B. Toys website for other retailers near you. Did I mention that their customer service is amazing? This is one of few companies I know that goes out of its way to resolve issues/problems for the customers. Honestly, I am truly impressed by what a fantistic company it is. For this holiday season, be sure to pick up some B.Toys for your kids.

*I received a free product (or products) for review purposes. I also received compensation from the company. All opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway. My reviews are not always positive, but they are my personal and honest opinions. Other people's views and experiences with the product or products might be different from mine.


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