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November 8, 2011

Crafty Week

It has been a long time since I made something for DD. Early last week, I visited a boutique hosted by a local church with some friends. We saw some hair clips that we fell in love with. I was inspired by the handcrafted items there, so when I came home that night, I made this head band for DD. I know, I could not believe that I had so much craft supplies at home that I was able to make this when I got home at 10 PM that night, lol.
Since DD was already asleep, she did not get to try it until the next day. Unfortunately, the headband was too big for her, so I ended up taking the flower off the headband and I placed the flower onto a clip for her to wear to school that morning.
The following day, I made this for my friend Stephanie.
And I made this for myself. I used more neutral fabrics and silk flowers to make them so that they are more appropriate for adults to wear. 
This past Sunday night, I went to craft night with some friends. One of the crafts we did was clothes pins covered with paper and decorated with buttons. I am not sure if I really like the way they turned out. This was a half finished project for me. When I am done with the whole thing, I will share a photo.
We also made magnets. I made these for the grandparents (for Christmas).
My favorite craft was the Christmas ornaments. They were easy to do and they turned out great.
I think I might pick up more supplies from Michael's and make more of them for our Christmas tree this year.
Making all of these fun things has gotten me into the holiday spirit. I know that we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet, but I am already excited about Christmas!


MyTwoCents said...

Oh Jenn! Those are fantastic! You did lovely job! I love crafts, doing them is fun! Of all the crafts that you do, what is your favorite? Mine is crocheting.

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