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October 20, 2011

ENJOY Hair Care Products Review & -Rafflecopter- Giveaway -- ENDED

My husband is one of those guys who really loves to spend time on his hair.  I must say it is one of his most “prized” possessions.  He spends more time on his hair than our two girls and I combined. 

He has tried all kinds of hair products.  He’s tried everything from very expensive salon type products to drugstore brands, and I can honestly say he hasn’t been impressed with many.  When I asked him to try out the ENJOY strong hold hair-gel, of course he was skeptical.  Firstly, because he has never heard of it and secondly, because it is alcohol-free.  

It took him a few days to try it out, but the morning that he did, I could tell right away.  He was really surprised that I was able to tell without him having to tell me.  His hair still looked “done,” but it had a much more natural look to it.  You couldn’t even tell he had any sort of product in it. 

Usually by the time he comes home at night, his hair looks nothing like how it looks when he leaves early in the morning.  However, with the ENJOY hair-gel I’ve noticed that his hair looks just as great at the end of the day as well.  

I also compared the ingredients on the ENJOY hair-gel to those of the other gel he was using and what a difference.  The ENJOY hair-gel has just a few while the other had almost 30 different ingredients! This coupled with the fact that it gives your hair a really strong hold while maintaining a natural look are the reasons why my husband gives this product a two thumbs up!  He will definitely be trying out the rest of the hair products that ENJOY has to offer. 

Many thanks to ENJOY. The company has generously offered 1 products as a giveaway prize to one of my lucky readers. This giveaway ends on Nov 3, 2011.

To see how to style, check out the video and fast forward to 7:18! Pick which look suits your mane man and enter to win the styling products featured (as indicated below)!

Bad Boy Next Door: Apply ENJOY Styling Gel on to damp hair and blow dry using a vent or brush of your choice to lift up at the root and then brush the length back. Apply ENJOY Texture Cream to dry hair and coax the length of the hair upward creating a Mohawk line. To ensure a long-lasting hold, finish with ENJOY Super Hold Hair Spray (optional).

CEO: Apply ENJOY Strong Holding Gel to dry hair. Run product through hair and comb into place, creating a sleek style.

Rugged Romeo: Emulsify a small amount of ENJOY Dry Wax in hands and work through hair. Finger-style to create a piece-y, youthful style.

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Terra said...

I'd like to try the texture cream.

eclairre said...

I'd like to try the texture cream.

4Stephie said...

I'd love to win the texture cream too!

AnneLoyd said...

I would love to try the hydrating conditioner.


BethElderton said...

I could use the strong holding gel
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

Maia G said...

I like the dry wax

Hannah said...

I like the straighten products
hanner.da.nanner at gmail dot com

Nancy said...

I would like to try the styling gel.

s8r8l33 said...

I would like to try the hydrating conditioner

Mama on a Green Mission said...

gel is about the only thing I use in my hair so I'd like to try that! :)

gr812_2000 at yahoo dot com

rj7777 said...

I would like the texture cream. I
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avantikads5 said...

Great review. I am also the person who is giving lots of care for my hair. I like this review. Thanks for sharing!

*Brittany Choleva* said...

Texture cream for me!
Thanks for the giveaway!