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September 3, 2011

Britax B-AGILE Stroller Review

I have several strollers in the back of my minivan. Yes, I know it seems crazy. Everyone who has seen the back of my minivan has commented on how no mom needs that many strollers. What can I say, I love strollers and I do actually use all of them. I like to use different ones for different reasons. Depending on where we go or what we do, I would use a different stroller that would be best suited for the occasion. For example, when I am going a place that I know will be packed and there's not a lot of space to move around, I would use my compact strollers. But for trips like an entire day at Disney, I prefer using my Britax B-Ready stroller because I would load up the basket with everything we need for the day. You would be surprised by how much stuff a baby and a 5 year old need.

Every time I use my Britax stroller at Disneyland, I get stopped by strangers. They would either comment on how nice the stroller is or they would want to ask me about it (what features it has or how I like it). A few times, people asked me which Britax stroller I own because they are trying to decide which one to get. With so many strollers out there on the market, I could see how it could be overwhelming for a mom to pick one. I know that when I was a first time mom, I had a hard time shopping for a stroller. I did not even know what features I should be looking for, so I could definitely relate to those who can't decide on which stroller to purchase. Furthermore, a stroller is one of those baby gears that vary wildly in price and quality, how does one even begin to shop for one? From talking to other moms, I know that many of us start with a brand we trust and then we pick a stroller from that brand. Although that certainly narrows down the field, there is still a lot of research one needs to do when buying a stroller.

I LOVE my Britax B-Ready stroller. If I was a first time mom, I would pick up this stroller up as my starter stroller without any hesitation. Although it is more expensive than many of the strollers on the market, I feel that the quality is there for it to worth the retail price. B-Ready is really prefect for a suburban mom like me.  However, if you want a Britax stroller but you would like something more compact, I would recommend picking up a B-Agile stroller.
Since I have both B-Ready and B-Agile strollers, I thought while I review the B-Agile stroller, I would also compare it to B-Ready for those who are uncertain which stroller would better fit their needs.

Although on the Britax website, the two strollers look similar in size, that is not the case. B-Ready stroller is taller with higher handle bar in the back. For me, both strollers are comfortable to push, but my husband who is 6'5" finds the B-Ready to be a bit more comfortable for him. Both strollers are easy to push. Even my 5 year old daughter could push them without any difficulties. Both strollers also have the no-retread adjustable 5 point harness -- to adjust, you simply unzip the back of the stroller and move the clip up or down. This is a fantastic feature. I have only seen it on Britax so far and I am loving the fact that the company makes changes on their products to make things easier for moms.  Both strollers also have the one step break system that's really easy and convenient to use. B-Agile stroller is more compact than B-Ready. It is easily for me to use when we visiting crowed places like a going to the Apple store on a Saturday morning. I also like that the shade goes down further on B-Agile so that it gives baby G the extra protection he needs from the hot summer sun.
Because B-Agile is more compact, the basket space is not as large as B-Ready's. However, I would say that the basket is pretty standard size for any compact strollers. 
If you have a Britax infant car seat, you can use the adapter with B-Agile to create your own Click and Go system. The adapters are free, you just need to contact Britax customer service for the parts.
Using the shades on the stroller and the car seat, baby G gets full coverage for nap time. 
My favorite feature on this stroller is the one hand quick fold to close stroller function. The company was not kidding when they said that it is a quick fold. It is very easy to close and tote this stroller around. Because it is more compact than the B-Ready stroller, it is lighter and much easier to move around. My first thought on this stroller is how it would be a great stroller for families who live in the city. If you don't have a lot of space to spare but you still want a stroller with the wonderful functions that the B-Ready stroller has, this is the stroller for you. 
We recently took a mini vacation to San Diego and we tested out the stroller on our trip. We like that the stroller works just as well as our B-Ready stroller but it is more compacted so it makes our entire trip much easier. We are in the process of planning a trip overseas (we are going to spend Chinese New Year with our friends and families in Taiwan in less than 6 months), we are planning on taking the B-Agile stroller on this long trip because it is light weight, sturdy, comfortable to push and easy to fold (which makes using the subway/transit system in Taiwan much easier).

We think that the B-Agile is a great stroller if you want one something smaller than the B-Ready. However, if you can afford both, we recommend buying both of them.

To buy the B-Agile stroller, please visit the Britax website. The stroller retails for $249.99. If you do decide to buy the B-Agile stroller, I highly recommend picking up a cup holder, the stroller does not come with it and you do have to buy it separately. I use my cup holder every time I use the stroller. If I don't have a drink to put in it, I would use it to hold my cell phone or a snack for DD instead. I am not sure why it does not come with a cup holder, I feel like all strollers need to have at least one. So, be sure to pick one up. It is very useful to hold your coffee, water bottle or sippy cup for your child.

*I received a free product (or products) for review purposes. I did not receive any form of compensation from the company. All opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway. My reviews are not always positive, but they are my personal and honest opinions. Other people's views and experiences with the product or products might be different from mine.


berryblndgirl said...

This looks like a great stroller. I love that it provides full coverage for an infant in a bucket car seat.

Mama A said...

I stumbled upon your blog because I was looking for more info on the Britax B-Agile. As a first time New York City mom, looking to buy one stroller, this post was SO helpful!! Looking forward to more entries.

ticklemetiffyyyy said...

Love the comparison of the two! Thanks soooooo much cuz Im still trying to convince hubby we need another stroller!

S said...

Thanks for the review. I am stroller shopping and there are so many options! -Sharon M

Melinda C said...

I should have read more reviews on strollers before buying my stupid, giant Graco. It's huge, heavy, doesn't steer well, and kinda ugly! I'm glad I'm more of a babywearing kinda mom anyway..plus I think this giant stroller pushed me that way anyway!

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