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August 17, 2011

The Lion King 3D Family Pride Party Kit Review

Disney is releasing The Lion King in 3D! When I took DD to see Cars 2 in the theater, we saw the trailer for it and DD got really excited about it. She asked me if we could see the movie when it comes out and I told her that we could. I totally forgot how good the movie was because the last time I saw this movie, I was still a teenager. I can't believe that I am going to take my little girl to see a movie that I saw so long ago. When I saw the 3D trailer for it, I thought it looked beautiful, so I am excited to be watching it again myself.

To celebrate the release of The Lion King in 3D, Disney sent us a fun kit to try out. Included in the kit was a visa gift card for purchasing necessary supplies, recipes for Timon & Pumbaas' Bug Buffet, Bug Smoothy, & Trail Mix, craft instructions for making your own Safari Sounds instruments, step-by-step Instructions for How-to-Draw Timon & Pumbaa and coloring & activity Sheets. I thought I would try a little bit of everything with DD.

We made music instruments by filling up her glass cups with water. Depending how much water is in each glass, the sound changes. DD had a lot of fun doing this fun activity -- this is a very easy and fun way to keep your kids entertained.
DD also colored the pages. LOL, ok, the colors are totally wrong, but she had a lot of fun coloring the pages.
This was her attempt to draw Pumbaa, lol. I must admit that having tried it myself also, it is really more difficult than it looked.
After all that crafting and fun projects we did, we sat down and made some trail mix using the recipe we got (we picked up the supplies to make a huge bag of trailer mix using the visa gift card we got). In case you want to make it yourself, here's what we used. It turned out so well that we decided that we are going to make our trail mixes from now on. Yum!

dried cranberries, almonds, dried apricots, dried mangoes, pumpkin sees, coconut, dried blueberries, yogurt raisins, apples, dried pineapples.

* pour 1 cup of each ingredient into a large clean bowl
* Mix it up ( I had DD help me with this step ^_^)
* Sample and adjust according to taste (DD loves coconut so we added extra coconut for her).
* Store away (We stored it in a large container and pack a handful of it for DD to take to summer camp and for my husband to take to work every day).

Here's DD enjoying her trail mix.
Thank you Disney for supplying us with this fun kit. We had a lot of fun getting ourselves ready for the release of The Lion King in 3D. We can't wait to watch it on the big screen!

Disney's THE LION KING 3D will be releasing in theaters September 16th, and will be available on 3D Blu-ray & Blu-ray Hi-Def October 4th.

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Miss Tapia said...

I LOVED The Lion King as a child!

I think I may try the trail mix recipe.

Karrieann said...

I also loved the Lion King with my daughters when it was first released! This shall be iteresting in 3D!

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