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August 26, 2011

Leave Plumbing Repair to the Professionals

When we lived in our old condo, we had major plumbing problems. Within the first 2 months after we moved in, a pipe in the wall broke and water was leaked into the walls. Luckily we caught it early enough and had it repaired right away. Because it was an older condo, it had a lot of problems one would expect from homes made so long ago. About 6 months before we moved out, I noticed a water stain in our downstairs ceiling. I called a plumber immediately. I knew that any sort of water leak needs to be repaired as soon as possible or the situation might get a lot worst. When you don't know anything about plumbing (like me), then the best thing to do is to call the professionals.

Our plumber came out and discovered that the rubber ring around the base of the toilet in the upstairs bathroom was totally worn away, which made sense because the rubber ring and the toilet were at least 15 years old. The water from the toilet was leaking through the worn out rubber and down to the ceiling. When the plumber removed the toilet, he also noticed that the pipes were rusted out too. He explained that the pipes were used in the old days, but they are not up to code anymore because of the way they rust and cause leaks. We ended up having that repaired as well.

Although we ended up spending more money than anticipated because we had to replace the rubber ring, the toilet (which turned out to be cracked at the base as well) and pipes, we were happy with plumbing repair.

We were very satisfied with work completed by our plumber. We thought he was honest and his handiwork was really great too. The best part was that there were no more water leaks!

*I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog about sump pump installation and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.


Becca said...

In this case I totally would have called the plumber too, but in some cases you'd be surprised what you can do with the internet. My dishwasher wasn't working and flashing lights. I went online and it showed me a series of buttons to push and it was fixed.

Karrieann said...

...for job as these, I'd call the plumber too! It is cheaper in the end... if you tried things that are beyond your expertise level, the costs would just add up. I am proud to say that I have repaired two toilets in my home... the tank level thingy was leaking air. Best advice to offer is.. take a picture of the problem, so when you go in the store and show it to the employees there, they can get you the proper items for repairing!

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